Thursday, May 27, 2010


Our RV site at Hershey TT.
The geese are still here along with lots of new babies.





I'm having a lot of trouble getting my pictures posted onto my blog. I have been doing better at remembering the camera, and I have even purchased a little Kodak camera to keep in my pocket or purse. So here is my update and if I ever get my pictures to post they will appear later.

We left Circle M on Monday morning after chasing Godiva around and under motor homes for an hour. She escaped while we were cleaning the awning off over the door. Tuna fish and clanging a bowl with a spoon enticed her under our RV, then I was able to hook her collar with the awning rod. It is a good thing we love her.
I drove the car over to Hershey TT, making several stops along the way. My first stop was at the corn wagon right down the road. If you are ever at Circle M you must go to the corn wagon. It is a produce stand that sells their freshly harvested produce every morning at very reasonable prices. I got a quart of strawberries for $3.25 and three stalks of rhubarb for free(since it was picked on Saturday.) I wanted to make a rhubarb pie. While we were in the Amana Colonies in Iowa last year I had gotten Ronneburg's Old Fashion Rhubarb Pie recipe. The lady at the stand also gave me her recipe for a crumb rhubarb pie, so I want to try making it also. I think I'm in the baking mood. I just made a banana nut pineapple bread - I had to use up those bananas some way.
Larry was all parked and hooked up by the time I arrived. It is fun seeing so many people we know from Orlando. It's like one big family. We played a little pickleball with Phil, Nel and her husband. Everyone was leaving the next day or so, and it has turned very hot, thus we haven't had four people to play since.
On Tuesday we went to Roots and set up our booth selling waterless car wash products. Another place you should visit if you are up this way is Roots. It is a very large flea and farm market in Manheim only open on Tuesday. We didn't sell too much but I bought a whole lot of vegetables - I forget I have to fit them all in the refrigerator. I also purchased a geranium. There were flowers galore for sale, so tempting.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The retired teachers from Octorara School District always get together every other month at Willow Valley Restaurant. I worked at Octorara Elementary School from 1971 to 2005 when I retired. Hard to believe it has been 5 years.
Francis Cassidy was the principal when I started and Bill Bittle was the head of Elementary Education. We had 5 small elementary schools then, but all the children are now bused to the main campus on Route 41 outside of Atglen. Since I retired I hardly recognize the campus with all the building and renovation that has occured.
Doris Gable was a 5th grade teacher when I started. I've always enjoyed her. She is in her 80's and loving life. She enjoys world travel to exotic places with her daughter. A few years ago she went to Mongolia where they slept in tents.
Paul Bennethum and I started teaching together, I just after college and Paul after a career in the service. Our paths crossed recently with the Good Sam camping club at Centre Hall, PA. Unfortunately, illness has stopped his camping lately.
MaryKay, MaryAlice and Sandy are headed to Alaska next month. They will cruise and then do the inland passage. Us teachers like to travel!
Unfortunately the main topic of conversation at lunch was taking care of elderly parents and relatives. Mary Kay's mother-in-law, who is 98, fell and broke her pelvis last week. We are getting older and we are living longer. Wonder what I will be like at 98? This woman was at the restaurant celebrating her 100 birthday, so we all sang to her. She said she hopes she doesn't have many more. But she was looking good and seemed quite alert.
Doris Gable, Paul Bennethum and his wife.

Francis Cassidy, Roberta McLauglin, and Bill Bittle

Karen Homsher, Ruth Wren, Pat Dodd, MaryAlice High, Sandy McLauglin, Beth Taylor

Mary Alice High, Beth Taylor, MaryKay McCann, Karen Homsher, Ruth Wren, and Pat Dodd


After church on Sunday we went to Sharon Hill to visit my sister, Lynda, and Bob, my son. When Lynda learned I had a blog she said she was surprised since I never take pictures. She was right I forgot to take the camera and take pictures of our visit, and they would have been so nice.

Larry worked on putting an electrical outlet in the garage. Bob wanted some electricity in the garage for his detailing. Lynda had the 25 year old, large freezer removed from the cellar and replaced it with a little energy efficient freezer. Unfortunately they removed the back door handle along with the freezer when they took it out, so Larry put on a new door handle for her. She always has a few odd jobs for him to do when we come to visit. I'm so glad Larry is so handy and willing and able to help her with them.

It was a beautiful day so we sat outside and had a good chat. We played a few games of Rummikub and then had fun making dinner together. Bob had a girl come over to have dinner with us. It was a nice visit and I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to share.


Circle M is very quiet during the week since it is still preseason, but it fills up quickly on the weekend. Larry and I have had to play pickleball with just each other. I have been line dancing in the RV, just not the same. We miss everybody.
We had our grandsons come on Saturday and stay with us overnight. Their parents went out to celebrate their 18th anniversary. Brady is 13 and maturing into a very nice and respectful young man. Chase is 9 and a joy to be around. They enjoyed the pool with the water slide and playing minature golf. Brady and Larry had a good time playing on the 9 hole pitch and putt golf course. Larry is thinking about taking up golf. In the evening we had a fun game of cards. Our visit was way too short and we hope they will be able to camp with us more often and for longer visits.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Little Makeover

We moved to Circle M Outdoor World in Millersville,PA on Sunday. We visited Larry's parents for a little while for Mother's Day. They were glad we were back in PA. His Mom had turned 80 in March. Mystique, Larry's daughter, and Dan her boy friend stopped by to see us. She helped Larry create a facebook page for Masonic RV tours.
Today I started my battery of doctor appointments. I had a mammogram, quick but a little painful. I think my boobs are a little flatter and square now.
I also had a hair appointment, a much needed one. It was colored, cut and highlighted. I feel a little more respectable now.
I cut some flowers at our rental. It is nice having fresh flowers in the house, and they are so pretty. Unfortunately everyone is suffering from allergies - sneezing, itch eyes and headaches. The winds really stirred up all the pollen and May has always been a bad time of year for me.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Leaving Chesapeake Bay for PA

Faye and Ken in their bright green golf cart. They took us on a fun ride all around the preserve at Chesapeake Bay TT. We enjoyed a few games of pickleball with them, and Faye and I had a few afternoon of line dancing. I'm glad we stopped in to see them.

Godiva loved being at this preserve. She really enjoyed these railroad ties - sitting on them, climbing and just exploring. She wanted out the first thing every morning and would have stayed out all day if she had her way.

We left at 7 this morning. We traveled north on 17 and then took 301. It was a nice tail wind when we left but soon turned into a gale. Between the stop lights on 301 and the wind whipping the rig around, Larry was pretty white knuckled by the time we arrived at our rental property in Mountville, PA at 1:30. Our blessings were it never rained, we didn't go through Washington D.C. and the traffic wasn't too bad around Baltimore. We are going to stay here at our property tonight and go to Hershey TT tomorrow, it is to be a little less windy. then.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Alligators at Santee National Wildlife Refuge

We saw many alligators this size or larger at the Santee NationalWildlife Refuge at our stop in South Carolina on the trip home. We took a 4 mile bike ride around the refuge and at one section we heard a loud splash. When we looked at the water there were 6 pairs of eyes and one alligator swimming along.( The one that made the splash I think). We then started seeing alligators to the right and left, all along the strip of land we were riding on. We didn't have our camera, so the next morning we went back and took this one.
The view of the Piankatank river from our RV. What a nice restful spot.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I've started blogging

Faye came over today to help me start a blog. We have been working at it for a few hours, and finally making some headway. I hope I can keep up with it and give you more information of my travels and daily excitement.