Sunday, August 22, 2010


On Sunday we drove 25 miles to McEwen to ride the Sumpter Valley steam railroad. It is a narrow gauge railroad and top speed is about 25 miles an hour. The two in blue overalls are husband and wife. They use to be a pilot and a stewardess. Now they enjoy working on the railroad.
Lynda and Larry on the train. It was cool this morning - 62 and breezy. By the way the elevation is 4100 at this station.
Next to Ellen and Beecher Vaughn is Linda Kline. She and her husband ,Art, were camping at Mountain View when we arrived. We camped with them in PA on Memorial Day. We both belong to East Penn chapter of NCT. They then left for Alaska and were just headed home. They saw on my blog where we were going to be camping and joined us for a few days.

We sat outside to see the sites but there was a very nice passenger car.

The conductor collecting our tickets. He told us the train only burns wood, so our clothes would not be stained by the soot. But our clothes did get holes in them from the embers as they were blown back over us.
Since this was an area they dredged for gold we heard rumors that there may be gold on the train since the sheriff was on board.
Oh no the train was being robbed!some of the outlaws. There sure was a lot of shooting, but I don't think anyone was killed.

The train at Sumpter station.

The dredge used up to 1954.

The park service now owns it and trying to preserve and restore it. The ranger gave a very informative tour. The dredge ran 24 hours a day 363 days a year.

In the afternoon Lynda and I went to the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Baker City.

We saw a very informative and entertaining presentation about a traveling medicine man.

He tried to convince us the need to buy his potion, much like an infocommercial does today.

I really enjoyed the exhibits at the Interpretive center.

We got back to the campground by 6 just in time for a delicious supper made by Carol and Ellen. We then had fun playing 31, a card game, with them. Lynda was the winner of the second game.

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