Thursday, September 23, 2010


The heat wore out our front air conditioner and we haven't been able to use it. It was making a terrible noise. Larry had tried to fix it when we arrived, but it was getting worse. Today he went up on the roof and stabilize the motor, for the motor mount was broken. It seems to have worked and we are back to using it again. Just in time for a cool down, fall, and our moving north.
These are goat head thorns that are all over the ground outside our RV. They really stick to the soles of your shoes and then get in the RV, boy do they hurt when you step on one. They also gave me two flat tires on my bike, so we went to a bike store and had tire liners and slime put into all our tires. We had to do this to our bike tires when we were west before.

We went to Prescott on Wednesday to go to Costco to stock up our pantry. We came home in a storm with amazing rainbows. Notice the double rainbows. One was so bright and it seemed to go right to the ground.

The road into Verde Valley TT. What an unusual sky.

Today we left Verde Valley and headed north to Page, AZ. The scenery all the way up on 89 was beautiful. These pictures don't do it justice.

I think these are Echo Cliffs. There were little road side stands all along the road selling Navajo jewelry and pottery. We stopped at one and I bought a pretty silver ring with coral, turquoise and opal in it. $ 18 I thought was a good price.

The road into Page, absolutely gorgeous.

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