Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I missed posting these four pictures so they are a little out of order. Our windshield being taken out. You will see why in a minute.
Our windshield being put back in, the same one they just took out.

These people have five yellow labs in their RV. One of the dogs has cancer and had to have her front leg removed. They had just put together a wagon so she could go on 'walks' with the other dogs.

Our windshield after the "repair".
I couldn't resist this pot of sunflowers. I just hope they last longer than the one I picked along the road.

Driving on I-5 in Oregon a rock flew from somewhere and broke the drivers side windshield. Larry had me mark the ends to see if they start to spider.

We were outside Eugene, OR and they have all the glass for the Monaco windshields since their plant use to be here. So we called in the morning and got an appointment at 1:00. As you can see it started to spider.
You already saw the rest of the story. The reason they put the broken windshield back in was they didn't have a windshield in stock to fit our RV. They were suppose to have three but could find none. They have another place in Phoenix, AZ that has one.What a coincidence! They are coming to our campground on Sept 8 at 6:30am to replace it.
So we left with it worse then when we came.

Entering California. A few miles further on I-5 and everyone has to go through an agricultural check point. Since we are from PA they had to look under the RV and car for gypsy moths. We were spotless and received our certificate.

A lot of hills and curves in northern California. The scenery is quite different than Oregon. That is Mount Shasta at 14,700 feet.
You could see it for miles, finally we were across from it at the rest stop.

When we rounded a curve and saw this smoke we weren't sure what we were in for. The fire was not on I-5 so we have no idea what was burning. In 2008 I think most of California was on fire and we were so glad to get to Oregon and away from the smoke.
We stopped at a rest stop before Sacramento and there was a sign in the bathroom about a couple whose home had burned from bad wiring and they needed some food, blankets and money. They were sitting outside so we stopped and talked to them. They were dairy workers and on there way to Texas where they had a job and a small house on a farm. They said the dairy jobs around here were being given to Mexicans they brought in by the car load. They had an old church bus and had just put in a clutch but needed gas. Elijah was 62, a vet and his wife Naomi had been married 35 years. We felt led to believe their story. We had them drive to the next exit and filled their gas tank for them. I do pray they make it to Texas and the job is there for them.

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