Thursday, October 21, 2010


I had a 9:30 appointment at the Mayo Clinic on October 13 to remove the basal cell carcinoma on my nose. It was Mohs surgery so they do a layer at a time and check it and see if they have all the cancer cells or have to take another layer. I had to have it done twice. Since the hole was larger then they were expecting they couldn't just stitch it close without a little cosmetic surgery. At 3:30 I left the clinic with this pressure bandage on my nose.
After 24 hours I got to take a shower and take the pressure bandage off. I had a slight black eye and the purple at the top of my nose is the ink where she drew the lines for the cosmetic surgery. I had to keep a bandage on it for the next week.
On October 20 I got the stitches out and I don't have to go around with a white bandaged nose any more. My nose sorts of feels funny, kind of tingly and numb. I keep thinking my glasses have fallen down my nose. The scar should heal in the next year. Must keep the suntan lotion (at least 30 spf) on my nose and face, good advice to everyone.


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  2. In addition, it is useful to take a 25, a thousand international units of beta carotene daily. Take a vitamin B complex, plus an additional 60 mg of vitamin B 6 daily for a few months.

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