Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Wilderness Lake ran a bus to the Rose Bowl Parade, and since it has been on our list of things to do we made our reservations in October. There was a nice continental breakfast at 4:30 a.m. and the bus left at 5:30. New Years Eve was celebrated on Eastern Standard Time. On the way home we were given a bottle of champagne and a raffle ticket. I won the baseball cap. We were back at Thousand Trails by 2:00.
We had grand stand seats. The only problem was it was a little hard to take pictures because we were in front of a traffic light post and trees cast a lot of shadows. This float tells the theme for the parade and each float represented it in some way.

A 35 foot high castle on World of Dream float, showing that dreams can come true.

The Dream Machine, our next motor home, part boat and house. The wheels where 9 feet tall. Will a house be only a dream for people now?

Another 35 foot tall float, One Nation. It was accompanied by many Native American dancers for the friendships formed at pow wows.

Heros in the Making float. Children dreaming of becoming firemen, police and EMT and helping others someday.

Shiners Hospital for Children float was Changing the world through Caring. Here memories of watching local parades with Shriner clowns, cars and bikes was depicted.
It's Time to Face Alzheimer's float ran the trains bell every 70 seconds because every 70 seconds someone develops Alzheimer's. This represents lost memories.

A Grand Celebration at Sea for all the memories made on a cruise.

This float was remembering the legacy of Ronald Regan.

China Airlines float theme was Collaboration Builds Friendships and Winners with this dragon boat.
This float sponsored by Anheuser-Busch was pulled by the Budweiser Clyesdales. It's title was Proud to Serve those Who Serve in tribute to veterans and the USO.

I think this was the tallest float at 50 feet. Pac-Man's 30th Anniversary. Wow, any memories of playing that game?

There were lots of bands in the parade and most of them played as they went by.
How exciting to see Downingtown, PA in the parade. The snow storm on the coast at Christmas almost made it so the band couldn't get here because of cancelled flights. Thanks to Continental Airlines they all made it.

Mustang Monument was a beautiful float. This Monument is in Nevada, a million-acre wild horse sanctuary that will house thousands of mustangs rounded up by the government.

Dream House 2011, HGTV celebrates making dreams come true by giving a dream home to one lucky viewer. This dream house was in the Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont.

Afternoon Tea with Friends. The dragon moved it head up, down and from side to side. It is hard to remember the floats are made out of flowers.

There were many equestrian groups in the parade. What beautiful horses and costumes.

Of course a clean up crew followed each horse group.

3-2-1 Dig was building a playground, the dream of neighborhood children.

Remember, Reflect and Renew was a tribute to the fallen heros of 9/11.
It was quite a parade, the weather was a little cool but almost perfect. We really enjoyed it.
Happy New Years to everyone and I hope you build terrific dreams, loving friendships, and many fond memories in 2011.

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