Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We stayed home for Valentines and I made fillets for dinner. I got them at Costco and they were delicious. Larry gave me another bouquet of beautiful roses and I gave Larry another gold necklace. I had given him one at Christmas but it was too short. I found a very pretty one at Costco and gave it to him as a Christmas, anniversary and valentine gift. He has wanted a gold necklace for several years.
I had fun making this dessert. I saw the recipe for it in USA Weekend magazine in the Sunday paper. I took the yellow shortbread berry cakes you get at the store and cut them into heart shape. I filled the bottom one with raspberry jam and toasted almond slivers. Put another cake on top and then glazed it with bittersweet chocolate melted with cream.
This is a gift that keeps giving. Faye and other dancers have given me Cd's with the music on them for the dances we learn. I often had the steps to dances but not the music. When Faye was here last week she taught me how to rip a CD onto my computer and then burn a CD. I was able to make several of her Cd's. I now have made Cd's for Corrine ( a good dancer I had met at Wilderness Lake and has been here at Palm Springs) and given them to her along with the step sheets so she can continue to teach dancing at Palm Springs when I leave. We need to keep our dancing going.

Our new printer made copies of the dances so quick and easy. No more running to Staples.

My new hat made out of plastic trash bags. It is perfect for the pool, for it doesn't hurt it to get wet.

This is a very good Chinese restaurant. It is not one of those fast take out places. It doesn't even have a lunch menu. It is known for healthy Chinese cooking. It is only a mile away from our campground so we have eaten here several times since we found out about it. We were here for the Chinese New Year and they gave us this red envelope when we paid our bill.

It was sealed and we could not open it till we went back between Feb. 15 and March 15 and opened it in front of the waiter. We went today for a late lunch and received a free appetizer, so we ordered spring rolls. What a cute special way to get people to come back and eat.

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