Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We got up at 5 to leave the Wal Mart in Stauton, VA for the last leg of our trip home. We couldn't get the bedroom slide to come in. We had found a roller was off from under the bed. We finally got the slide in with a little pulling and tugging. We called the Tippin factory and they sent us to Cummins in Harrisburg. We had already arrived in Lancaster, so we worked on getting the coach registered and inspected in PA before heading back to Harrisburg.

Cummins looked at it but didn't know how to fix it and Tiffan plant technician had already gone home. So we stayed in the Cummin lot for the night and called Tiffin the next morning. There is a design flaw and since we were getting the slide in and out (most of the time) we agreed to take it to Alabama in June to have it fixed.

We were back in Lancaster by 11 so Larry could go to his dentist appointment. and then we came to Circle M in Millersville, PA. We had to set up in the rain.

Our site was on a slope. Our rig self levels and when it was done the front wheel was off the ground. We moved back and forth a few times trying to get it level and finally ended up putting blocks under the front wheel.

We are all set up and ready to visit with family and friends.

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