Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Monday we were on the road by 9 and drove to New Mexico. The rock formations in eastern Arizona and western New Mexico are very pretty.
We decided to stop at this ROD park west of Albuquerque. The directions said to get off I-40 go to the Chevron station and it was on the left of the station. Well the Chevron station is no longer a Chevron station and I thought left meant across the street, not at the end of the gas station. Luckily I saw this faded sign in time for Larry to turn in.
What a welcome. I guess this is how they greet you out west.
It was a nice park with long pull throughs and would stop here again. Larry working on some of the plumbing. We had stopped at Camping World in Albuquerque.
Leaving New Mexico and into the panhandle of Texas. Not much scenery.

Saw these billboards all along I-40.
Stopped at this Passport park in Amarillo.
It was a very nice resort.
Oops this motor home didn't make it.
Long pull throughs with concrete pads. Texas size!
Got a limo to go eat at the Big Texan.

You must eat all of this in an hour. You pay $72 up front.
The ones we saw served even looked bigger then this.
He didn't get it finished.
See the time on the wall . He is just starting to eat his steak. We left when he had a half hour to go and he was still munching away.
Larry's nine ounce fillet filled him up.
Do you believe I ordered this.
As you can see I brought a lot home. Another meal for the both of us.
The winds are to be bad later today so we got on the road at 5 this morning. It was 117 miles to Oklahoma and then we drove 331 miles across it.
Lot of road construction and a lot of bumpy roads that need fixing.
We entered Arkansas and drove 84 miles before stopping at 4:30. A long day but we are making headway. The weather and traffic weren't too bad for driving.
Seeing beautiful green trees again!
Dry camping at Walmart tonight.

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