Sunday, May 8, 2011


It is hard to believe we have been back in PA for three weeks. We have been busy visiting with family and friends. It is a perfect time to be back in PA with all the trees getting their leaves and spring Flowers blooming. It was a beautiful Easter.

Larry and I took advantage of the golf course at Circle M to practice our shots. I'm not ready for the pro tour yet!

One morning we woke up to our weather radio warning of tornado watches. About 9:00 they came around and knocked on our door and told us to go to the laundry room because of the storms. We spent to 10:30 there, and luckily there wasn't any bad weather in our area, so we were safe and sound.

My family came up to see our new RV at Easter and we went to my sister's the following weekend.

Lynda is checking out the vegetables Bob has planted in a garden.

Bob making dinner on the new grill.

What a feast! Everything was delicious.

My sister has just gotten a new bedroom suit. She was anxious to show it to us. The bedroom suit that was in the room before was the one my mother had bought 30 years ago. So I think it was time for her to up date the room. It looks very nice.

Larry always does a few little choirs for her when we go down. Lynda had just gotten the two oval bird pictures from a friend so we hung them for her. The birds are made out of leather.

We are now at Hershey Thousand Trails. Our RV is now registered and inspected in PA. It took awhile to get all the papers from California that were required here in PA.

The pickle ball courts are empty so if anyone is around we are ready for a game.

We were so glad to see Sue and Jim again. They spent the winter in Florida and we missed them. I made a Mexican meal for Cinco de Mayo. We started the celebration with Larry making margaritas. Sue and I split another with our meal. They were rather large and soon after the meal we certainly were feeling them.

Sue and I slept through the evening and never played any cards. So we went to their RV the next night had a lovely steak dinner (cooked on the grill in the rain) and learned a new dice game called Farkle. Sure is nice to be home with family and friends.

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