Friday, June 17, 2011


They worked all day Wednesday on replacing the dash board. It wasn't an easy job, The door frame even had to come off. Insulation from inside was ripped out and we even thought for a time that the wind shield would have to come out. Finally they got the dash out and the new one in, along with all the wires, hoses and switches.

This 2011 Phaeton couldn't stop in time and rear ended a truck. The front panel was hanging off when they pulled in. The windshield was cracked and the door was really hard to open. The insurance agent kept looking at our RV to see all the parts they would have to replace, since ours had been taken apart to fix the dash.

We left Red Bay about 3:30 and started our drive across Mississippi to Greenville for the NCT rally. We went through Smithville. This town was almost totally destroyed by the tornado in May. A little before we came to the town we saw acres of woods all twisted and splintered.

The school had a lot of damage.

This business was about the only one left standing after the tornado. It recently apologized to the town for locking its doors after the tornado when people were in shock and needed the supplies it carried.

Every window was out of this house, along with the roof and part of the chimney missing. I had a feeling the other side of the home was also gone.

Most of the buildings and homes are gone.

Some of the businesses are starting to be rebuilt.

Some temporary housing at the other end of town.

If you noticed the sky was very cloudy when we were going through the town. Soon there was lightening and rain. I'm sure everyone in this town have flashbacks every time the weather is like this. I even felt a little scared.

We must keep all these people whose lives were affected by the tornados in our thoughts and prayers.

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