Friday, June 10, 2011


Monday morning at 7 we pulled into bay 48.

Coaches all lined up at there assigned bay waiting for service.

Roger Scott was our service technician. He did a great job.

Larry and Roger going over the list of things we needed done.

We changed out these batteries for the carefree batteries below.
Six Zephyr Optima blue top batteries.

Roger working on changing our king bed to a queen and installing a sleep number mattress.

Our new sleep number bed.

We like the space we now have between the wall and the bed.
The king was too hard to make and it was even hard to get in and out of bed.

Red Bay is in Alabama, but the Mississippi state line is just a few miles down the road.We went to Belmont,Mississippi and signed up for Dish satellite service. Larry thinks he is in heaven now. But of course they didn't tell us about the rebate right away to get the $39.95 monthly charge, so we paid $77, even though we went back the next day and talked to them about it. And to get the HD channels we need another dish on a tripod, so I'm not so sure this was a good move or not. We have been watching a lot of movies each day since.At 9:30 each day they give a tour of the plant. We took the tour Wednesday morning. (I took my camera, but left it in the car! Darn. )The wood working area is amazing and you can really see the care and workmanship that goes into making the cabinetry.

Shawn and Dora were our tour guides. Talking to them later we found out he was also a minister and an artist. He had painted this mural about Tiffin on a building in town.

There are mural on many of the buildings, depicting businesses and life in the area.

Unfortunately most of the business and stores are gone.

We had a nice lunch at Gill's Grill. There are not too many places to eat in Red Bay.

The magnolias are in bloom and they sure smell good.

Thursday morning we went a few miles to Bay Diesel to get the generator serviced and the 6,000 mile service/oil change.

Our RV up on the lift.

the blue jacks on each tire is what held up the coach.

Friday they came and fixed the cabinet door that was a little off alignment and put the hinges from the left side of the door to the right side on the cabinet door above the sink in the back bathroom. Now I wont hit my thumb on the knob each time I open the center closet door. Little things but nice to get fixed while we are here.

Right before we got to Red Bay our outside entry steps started making a terrible racket each time they went in and out. They were waiting for the control board to fix it. It came in this afternoon but didn't solve the problem, so we will be back in bay 48 Monday morning at 7. We also found a crack on the dash that needs repair and we want an electrical outlet put in on the wall between the kitchen and bathroom. I hope we will be ready to move by Thursday.

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  1. Hello Mr and Mrs, Mathias,

    This is Dora Wallace, one of your tour guides in Red Bay. I wanted to thank you for your wonderful blog post on Red Bay as well as your photos. I frequently google Shawn's name and try to keep up-to-date on things people may post about him or his art work. He also painted the mural in the park you have pictured and the one on the side of the bank, of the little boy sitting on the barrel. I have a blog for him here on blogger if you're interested in checking it out. Thanks so much for visiting with us in Red Bay. We hope you have safe travels.

    Dora Wallace