Sunday, August 21, 2011


Thursday night we went back to the Clipper Stadium for a program sponsored by the Central Baptist association.

Don Piper , the author of 90 Minutes in Heaven and Heaven is Real was the speaker. I had down loaded his book on my Nook in January and really found his story amazing. In 2004 he was killed by a truck running over his car. His left arm was in the back seat of the car, his legs were crushed with 4 inches of his femur never to be found. Prayers were answered and he came back to life and his body is whole today (after 13 months in a hospital, 34 surgeries, and much pain). If you haven't read his book I would recommend it.

He is a very good speaker but what was unusual was he would say about 8 words and then the pastor on the right repeated it in Spanish. It took a minute to get use to, but he was so interesting it soon didn't bother you. I'm sure it would be hard as a speaker to keep your thoughts flowing. His message is that prayers are answered, that heaven is an actually place and Jesus is the way.

Friday night we went to Parkesburg, PA to the Twin Brook Winery for a concert. A good thunder storm came up right before the concert, so it was moved into their greenhouse. We were there with our friends Helen and Tom and some friends of theirs.

Helen and I enjoying some wine. We all brought food to share and then we all bought a bottle of wine. We had Blossom Blush, it was very good.
Helen has been working at the winery, for it is very close to where they live. She is really enjoying the job, socializing with people and helping with the wine tasting. ( only place you can drink on the job!)

It was a blues band and suppose to be very good, but it was way too loud in the greenhouse and you couldn't understand a word she sang. It would have been fun on the lawn outside, but you have to go with what the weather brings. We stayed for a couple of hours and then went to Helen and Tom's where we could talk and socialize a little better, our main reason for going.

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