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We came to Sea Pines on July 20th. There are a lots of trees at this campground and it is hard to get our rig into many of the sites. The last time we were here we took off the awning above the back window when we were leaving. We tried to get into a couple of site, but we couldn't make the swing and not hit a tree. After an hour of looking around we found this great site, 50 amp, water and sewer and lots of space.

Sea Pines is near Sea Isle City. My friend Helen owns a home in Sea Isle City. We worked together during the summer at a variety store in Wildwood Crest over 40 years ago. When our children were young we kept in touch, but it has been at least 15 years since we have seen each other. We enjoyed a day catching up.

Helen's home. she has the first floor.

Mrs McCuen, Helen's mom is 91 doing well and looks great.

Chuck, Helen's son, and Tricia(Helen's youngest daughter) holding Chuck's month old son. Beth and Mary Ellen were also there but I forgot to get their pictures before they left for the beach. (along with three other grandchildren.)

Larry went back to PA on Monday and picked up our grandchildren, Chase and Brady. They stayed with us until Saturday.

Their mom and dad came down on Thursday and stayed at a bed and breakfast in Cape May.
We had promised the boys a Chinese meal so we all met at Cheng's in Rio Grande for lunch.

There is a small lake at Sea Pines. We had a two person inflatable boat that the boys had a lot of fun playing with at the lake. They were doing Navy Seal training.

More time was spent in the water then in the boat.

A few miles up the road is another Outdoor Park, Lake and Shore. Their pool is much larger and there is a water park, so we spent one afternoon swimming over there.

Chase had just come down the tube slide.

One evening my son, Bob came down and we all went to Wildwood to the boardwalk.

Brady threw the baseball 47 mph.

Rides were a little expensive so they decided to skip the rides and play some games.

Bob, Brady and Chase had a race with this water target game. Bob won and got Sponge Bob for Chase.(#23)

The boys wanted to play a game of golf (not minature) so we found Cape May par 3 golf course. The only problem was it was 18 holes, hot and none of us were very good except for Larry.
Three hours later we wondered off the course.

We went to the Naval Air Station Wildwood (NAS) Aviation Museum. I had been to the airport many times during my days in Wildwood but never knew the site served as an active dive-bomber squadron training facility from 1943 to 1945, In those 36 months 38 pilots died learning to fly.

It is a very interesting museum with 19 aircrafts and many interactive exhibits provided by the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. I could have spent much more time there, but it was past lunchtime and we were hungry.

Of course the beach is the main reason to come to the shore. We went to Sea Isle on Wednesday , because you don't need beach tags that day. Brady and Chase had gotten a skimmer, but it was pretty hard to do.

Building a castle at Sea Isle's beach.

Wildwood Crest is my favorite beach in the world, and no beach tags are needed.

The shutter didn't open on my camera, but made a neat picture of the boys riding the waves.

Burying Chase in the sand.

Anyone seen Chase?

He was up to his neck in sand.

Grandpa, Brady and Chase.

Chase playing in the sand.

On Saturday a couple we met at the campground lent us there beach tags to go into Avalon's beach which is only 10 minutes away. It had a nice big free parking lot and a band was playing music right at the end of the street.

Sunday we drove to Atlantic City, about 20 miles north.

We ate at the buffet at Caesar's (they had a big food and wine event, but all the shows were sold out)

We played the slots at Tropicana, losing $20. We found no free play or food. We walked the boardwalk and then walked back along the beach.

We have had great weather -hot and sunny. The water has been warm and clean. It has been all the shore should be and I'm glad I had a couple weeks at the Jersey shore!

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