Friday, September 23, 2011


We left at 6 Thursday morning to go to Elysburg, PA to Farnsworth RV to have work done on our RV. Bob Tiffin had recommended this dealership to us when we met with him at Redbay. Our third air conditioner and heater weren't working so they troubled shot it for us and found the problem. It needed a new thermostat so the part was being sent up from Redbay to the Allegro rally in Massachusetts.
We were on the road again by 10. We went up 81 and across on 84. About 4 we stopped for the night at Fishkill, NY. From my Rest Areas and Welcome Centers book we knew there was a Wal Mart right off the exit. Unfortunately the Wal Mart was on the left hand side of a 4 lane highway and we were in the right lane so we drove for a few miles before we could get turned around. The Wal Mart /Sam club did not have a good area for us to park but we had seen a large parking lot with an RV the other direction when we got off 84. We went to it and it was a Home Depot plus some vacant buildings with large parking lots. We were told we could park there all night. It was a good place to stay.
Friday morning was rather foggy but we were on our way by 9. Our GPS told us to get off 84 in NY and take route 34, a narrow curvy 2 lane road (plus pouring rain) 34 goes through Darby where Yale is located. We traveled north on 95 to Mystic, Connecticut.We are staying at Old Mystic Seaport Campground for the next two days.

After lunch and a little rest we went exploring and stopped at Mystic Seaport. We were able to go in for the last hour and then spend all day tomorrow there for our admission.

We spent our hour at the Henry B. DuPont Preservation Shipyard.

Logs used for the lumber in restoring the Charles W. Morgan, the only surviving 1841 whale ship. This is the only functional ship building lumber yard left in the US.

Stairs to go to the top deck.

Larry was impressed with how thick the walls were , 3 inches then 9 inches and than an inner wall.

They have restored all the top deck. it is covered with plastic to keep the wood moist.

This was a group of people who have been members for over 5 years and were getting a behind the scenes tour. We listened in while they were on deck and the guide was very informative about how important the whaling industry was and the perservation of this last remaining whaling ship.

Here are some facts about the Charles W. Morgan.

We plan to spend tomorrow exploring more of Mystic Seaport.

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