Friday, September 2, 2011


In August the 2nd floor tenant gave us notice that he was moving out in Sept. We put a for rent sign up on the property and had about ten calls right away. With a little screening we think we have a great new tenant who is moving in right away, so we only had a few days to do some maintenance work.

To brighten the kitchen I painted the lower cabinets white.

The bathroom tub took a little scrubbing of the shower doors and walls to make it look new again.

We had a carpet cleaner come in and clean the rugs in the bathroom , dining room and bedroom.
Now it is ready for its new tenant.

We had to co sign for Mystique to get her mortgage, but we didn't have to put in any money. She was so excited about getting this house. She had settlement on August 31.

Mystique talking to her real estate agent at the walk through.

The house has a lovely new kitchen, now she has to start cooking!

The new bathroom.

A nice fireplace in the dining room.

The garage in the back yard.

They back of her home.

The tree by the alley lost a large limb during the hurricane. The seller's insurance is taking care of taking the tree down and cleaning this up.

It just missed the neighbor's garage.

Now we have another place to stay if we come north without our RV.
(It has three bedrooms, we just need a bed).

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