Monday, October 31, 2011


I got a black T shirt in Cape May this summer and enhanced it with cat sparkles. It was an iron on that I had been given when at Wilderness Lake in March by the lady we gave Godiva's cat tree to. I think it turned out pretty good, I've gotten some comments about it when I've worn it.

Here is the pumpkin baby hat I knitted. Happy Halloween!!

Hope everyone wasn't too spooked by the snow storm in the north east. We were sure glad not to have been at Circle M or we may have been evacuated again!


We had a very nice stay at North Myrtle Beach. We went into Myrtle Beach and walked the boardwalk.

The cars in the Sky Wheel are climate controlled.

There was a nice miniature golf course at Briarcliffe, so we had fun playing a few games. Working on getting a hole in one.

Thursday we biked up to the beach (about a mile away) and spent a few hours enjoying the lovely weather. The water was still warm enough to go in. Larry braved the water before I did, but eventually I was floating.

Thursday evening we enjoyed lots of delicious seafood at Captain George's Seafood Buffet.

Then we went over to Boardwalk at the Beach. We listened to some of the Thursday Night concert, but it was a little too loud for our ears. We did enjoy walking around and looking at all the stores. It is a very nice area with lots of restaurants and things to do.

We left Friday morning and drove to Kinglands, Ga for the night and arrived at Ruskin, Fl on Saturday afternoon. We went around Jacksonville and avoided all of the big game traffic, Georgia vs Florida. We saw cars with their team flag flying all the way down. We had to watch the game on Saturday after seeing all the fans.

Monday, October 24, 2011


We got to Myrtle Beach on Saturday afternoon and checked in for the week at Ocean Lakes. It is a very large campground with 893 campsites and lots of activities.

We had a site right by the water. This is the view from our RV.

Looking up toward Myrtle Beach.

You can see our RV from the beach.

The weather was warm and sunny. We enjoyed some sun bathing.

We even got in the ocean a few times. The water was in the 70's. The waves were good for floating but not body surfing.

One morning we were up and out to see the sunrise at 7:22.

The South Carolina NCT rally began on Thursday. There is a large activity center where we had a room for all our meals and activities.

We had a pot luck dinner, a pizza dinner and a meal catered by Carrabba's Italian Grill.

The Blue Heron were represented by Jim, Jan, Cliff, Jo,Larry and Dottie.

One evening's entertainment was by the Low Country Barbershop group. They sounded great and Charles Alexander, SC NCT state director was a member.

The other night's entertainment was a talk about hurricanes and how they had changed Myrtle Beach by News 13 weatherman Frank Johnson. It was very interesting and informative.

Larry has now played golf in Myrtle Beach. We went to the driving range here at Tupelo Bay and practiced a couple of times and then he went with the guys during the rally to Heron Point Golf Course. He decided more practice will be needed.

While Larry played golf with the guys I played at Ocean Lakes mini-golf tournament. Good for my putting!

It was a very nice golf course.

We splurged on a night out and went to Carolina Opry.

We saw Good Vibrations, lots of songs from the 60's, 70's and 80's, some dancing and laughter.

All That! from America Got Talent performed.They really have rhythm. It was fun seeing them in person and not just on TV.

Saturday Ocean Lakes had a golf cart show and parade.

Not the usual carts you see on the golf course.

A little Halloween spirit.

On Sunday, after a very nice week and good rally, we moved to Briar Cliffe RV resort in North Myrtle Beach. It is Passport campground so we can stay for half price. We will be here till Friday and then head to Florida.

Monday, October 17, 2011


We decided to come right back to PA after the Allegro Rally in Mass for we had too many things to do before heading south for the rest of the year. We wanted to go to Cape Cod for a week and then the trees would have been starting to change colors on the drive home still a pretty drive.

We were at Hershey thousand trails for a few days. Trey, Larry's brother was able to stop by for a visit and to see our motorhome.

Brady, our grandson, is playing football this year for Hempfield. He is number 52. We got to see three of his games. Unfortunately his team lost them all.

We had Mark , Larry's son, come over and shine up our coach. Isn't this what children are for?:)

We all played some golf at Circle M's pitch and putt course. Before we left we had Larry's sister Barb and her husband up for a meal and a game of golf.

We also played twice at Evergreen Golf Pitch and Putt 18 hole course. We were glad Lynn Mann was able to go with us the last time. The weather always rained when we were going to get together for a regular game of golf with Jim and Lynn. ( I think God knows how bad I am and that I wasn't ready for the executive course.)

Mystique and Dan had us over for dinner one Sunday. They have been busy getting their new house painted and fixed up. (They wanted color not white walls)

Mark and Shannon were able to go with us.

It was nice seeing Lee (white German shepherd).Mystique has had her about 8 years. She has adjusted well to living in the city and not at the farm. Gets more attention here from Mystique and Dan..

My favorite room is her dining room. I really like the color they painted it.

The leaves have started turning colors now so it is time for us to go south.