Wednesday, February 8, 2012


On Sunday we left at 9:30 to go to Red Bay, Alabama. We stopped Sunday evening at a Walmart a little west of Tallahassee. We were on the road early Monday morning. Opps I didn't quite get that picture as we entered Alabama. Red Bay is in the north west corner of Alabama.

Alabama is the peanut state. A peanut festival would be fun to attend. I wonder when it is?

We made great time and arrived in Red Bay on Monday afternoon. From all the RV's here you wouldn't know February is their slow month.

Is that eastern or central time? This time change is very confusing. It makes being at the work bays by 7 pretty easy ( for us it is 8 EST).

Tuesday we spent emptying out all the cabinets on this side of RV.

This is the slide out they have to take out and repair.

The bottom of the slide was warping.

Our RV without its slide. The refrigerator is on this slide so it also had to be moved.

Godiva and I were homeless so we sat outside for awhile and then in the costumer's lounge. She sat on my lap the whole time. It was "warm" outside (46) but there was a cool breeze and then it got cloudy and too cold to sit out.

Roger preparing the new floor section. This piece is the 2012 all aluminum and insulation floor structure, no wood. Roger worked on our RV in June when we were here. He is a very focused and highly skilled craftsman. It was nice seeing him in the bay when we drove in.

Taking the slide out.

Putting on the brand new rubber sealer. It is newly designed. Our molding had completely rusted and disconnected from the framing and would have caused major leaking and drafts. We didn't even know this was happening and are glad we got the updated changes.

The slide being put back in after only 4 hours! They are doing a lot of this work and have it down to quite a system!

For dinner we went to Swamp John's and had their catfish dinners

We have about 10 other things we want them to repair on the RV - the burner on the stove that won't light, the keyless entry doesn't lock or unlock the door, a new speaker put on the outside TV, and a few other things. We have a 7a.m. appointment tomorrow at bay 33. I hope the work gets done quickly so we can head back to Florida. This weekend is to be very cold, below freezing.

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