Tuesday, February 21, 2012


We moved today. When we came into Peace River Thousand Trail Preserve we had to take a site that is 30 amps and has no sewer. We had a nice big open spot and Larry set up his man cave tent and said we would stay there. After five days I thought it would be a lot easier having sewer so we could take showers and do our wash. When you come in your name is put on a list for three days and each day at 11 o'clock the open sites with sewage are posted.Then at one o'clock each name is called off the list till all the sites are filled. We put our name back on the list, looked at the available sites and when our name was called we chose this site. When we moved to it I was surprised to find it had 50 amps. So we are nice and comfy here.

After moving we played golf with Jim and Terri at Little Cyprus golf course. We found the 7th hole this time. Then we went in town to Paul's Kitchen for dinner. I had broiled grouper that was delicious. Their food is always good thus a very popular place to eat.

We had heard about this unique ice cream palor, so we stopped in for our dessert.

So many choices, and these were only the popular ones you could also make your own combination.

First the toss ins go in the bowl.

Then they put the cream in the bowl.

Stir it together.

Then the bowl was exposed to liquid Nitrogen to freeze the cream.

So cold it is smoking!

It is stirred until it is not so hard and stuck to the bowl and looks like ice cream.

We had butter pecan and it sure was good.
Wish you could taste it.

Jim and Terri also had butter pecan. I'm sure we will be back and try some more of the toss ins flavors.

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