Saturday, February 11, 2012


On Thursday they did all the other work we wanted done in the RV, so we were ready to leave Red Bay on Friday morning. We were glad to get out of town before it turned real cold.(20's)

I wasn't looking at the map and we just followed our GPS. When we got to Montgomery it told us to stay on the left lane to stay on I-20. I was a little confused when I realized I-65 was a right exit. When I finally got the map out I realized we were on the way to Atlanta! We would get there at 3:30. I thought we would go around Atlanta on 285 but no it had us go straight into Atlanta to get on I-75. There was no traffic backup so that is how we went. At the I-85 split we saw a car spin out and hit the guard wall, all the other cars were able to stop without hitting him. I'm sure it was going to cause a traffic jam in the next few minutes, but we were lucky to get through with no problem. We were on 475 around Macon at 5:00 and still didn't hit any terrible traffic. We stopped at Southern Trails RV Resort for the evening. It was a ROD park right off I-75 at exit 121. We still have our ROD membership till March. By the way anyone that used ROD may have a $25 deposit they should get refunded when their membership expires.

It was a nice campground and not very crowded. That's us way at the end.

We were up early Saturday morning. The sun was just rising.

When we checked in they told us they had free pancakes Saturday morning. We stopped in and had our breakfast before leaving. It was a very friendly camp ground. The biggest problem was the train crossing 1/4 mile up the road, so the train whistle blew each time a train went by.

We were blown down I-75 with pretty strong winds and wind gust. We were glad to get into Florida and back to Orlando TT. Since we were getting back faster then we thought possible I made reservations for the next three days here before we head to Wachula. We need to restock the refrigerator and get our mail. Glad to be back in sunny Florida.

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