Wednesday, November 21, 2012


 On Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock Lazydays offered a seminar on Driver's confidence. We took the class portion and found it very interesting and helpful.(I had taken it 7 years ago). you can watch some good videos at, key phrase RV Driver Confidence.
 We were at Clerbrook RV resort for a week. We golfed a little and on Saturday we took a bike ride on West Orange Trail. The Killarney station is on Route 50 just before the turnpike entrance. You can rent bikes here if you need to.
 The bridge over the Florida Turnpike.
 We decided to bike to Winter Garden. We made it, and enjoyed walking around the town. Unfortunately the street fair was just closing when we got there, but the town has a lot of cute shops and restaurants.

 We passed this preserve on the trail so we stopped and walked around a little.

We left Clerbrook on Monday morning to go back to Lazydays for our jack repair, but when we called at 8:00 we found out they weren't there. We sure were glad that we hadn't driven all the way there to find this out. We are now at Orlando TT.

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