Friday, January 18, 2013


This week we worked on the other side of the building, now that Larry and Gene have the windows and doors done.
Before we could paint Gene and Kent caulked around all the windows and doors. I took this picture from on top of my ladder as I was painting all the white trim by the gutter.
We finished the painting Thursday morning.
We all took turns power washing this shed. It was black with dirt and mold, amazing to see it yellow.
Sunday after lunch we went to this great Mexican restaurant.
What added to the meal was this mariachi band that came and played.
The letters were painted and the boards they hang on. Putting them back on the board was a little challenging.
We painted the front of the church -twice, and again we had Kent up on that ladder varnishing the cross.
Martha and Joan getting the back painted. Martha is not too fond of high ladders.

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