Sunday, February 24, 2013


 On Friday we went to Clearwater to see the Phillies at their spring training field. It was a practice game with the Phillies playing each other. Parking was free and so was the game - good deal.
 We were parked nice and close to the stadium, maybe a little too close according to this sign behind our car.

 Now here are real Phillies fans! We really went to visit with Roberta and Bill who drove down for a week  of watching the Phillies train and to go to three of their games.
 You could sit anywhere in the park you wanted to. So of course we sat behind home base and in the shade. The temperature was in the 80's.
 Bill is an avid photographer and Phillies fan. He was hoping to get some balls autographed but he wasn't able to get any signatures today.
We enjoyed a good lunch at Chilis with Roberta and Bill, but we still had to stop at Plant City on our way home and get a strawberry sundae.

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