Friday, March 22, 2013


On Wednesday Larry went over to Phil Campbell to the house we were at last week and put in a new water heater in the old home. Hers had broken on the weekend and she was without hot water. She called that evening and thanked him for she had just taken a HOT bath. The Christian Aid team were working on the new home laying the block, they really have it down to a science.
I waited with our motor home hoping to hear they were going to start the work on it. No call. No call Thursday all day but Thursday evening they called and said have it at bay 32 at 6:45 Friday morning.  They fixed the leak around the front door,  fixed the heat air transfer box switch on the dash,  replaced the leaking seal on the toilet,  replaced the rip in the mattress on our sleep number bed,  replaced the corner piece on the slide and adjusted the slide. They were done by 11.  We are now in Haleyville parked at the Methodist church.

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