Friday, May 3, 2013


On the way to PA I suggested we stop at Staunton,VA and go to the Frontier Culture Museum. We put it into our GPS and it took us into downtown Staunton, narrow car parked streets, turning right then left. Finally we found a place to stop and I called to find out where they were actually located. Would you believe it was right off interstate 81 and we had to drive back through the town to it.
The homes are real houses that have been rebuilt here from England, Ireland and Germany.
We really enjoyed talking to this woman. She farms, shears sheep, cooks, weaves, does all the things a yeoman's wife would have done in England in 1700.

This young woman was teaching this girl how to spin flax so they could weave linen.

Another interesting gentleman. Each was fun talking to and since it wasn't crowded (mainly just us) they had all the time to talk to us.
There are two parts of the Museum  the Old World and America.  At this 1740 farm they were working at cutting boards to make a hen house. some hard work.
By 1850 farms looked very prosperous. It was a very intersting museum and we were glad we stopped.
We stayed at the Walmart just down the road from the museum. We have parked here overnight before, but we don't remember these rocks they had at the end of each row. Larry didn't make a wide enough turn and we scraped this stone and cut the diamond shield on the front corner of our coach.
May 2 we are back in PA.

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