Monday, June 24, 2013


 There was a silent auction at the Waystock festival and we bid on Barnstormer tickets, golf at Four Seasons and Mt Gretna play tickets.  We won them all so we have lots of summer activities to keep us entertained. Wednesday night we went  to the Barnstormer game.
 The weather was perfect for the game and we had great seats right by the dugout and by home plate.
 We had to be alert for any foul balls, but none flew our direction.
 Thursday Larry played golf at Four Seasons with Ben and Don.
 We took Larry's mom to Dutch Apple for a matinee performance of CATS. It is quite a different show, all song and dance. The costumes were amazing and they sure acted like cats. I never saw it on Broadway so I'm glad I got to see it here.
 All last week it was Made In America tour days in York, PA. We had nothing planed on Wednesday or Friday so we went and took some tours.  The first one we went to was George's Furniture. We had a nice tour of this family owned business where they make hand crafted hard wood furniture.
 Friday we took a tour of  Wolfgang candy. Schools, scouts, and churches often sell this candy for fund raisers.
 This is where we started our tour. It is the home where they started  making the candy in 1921. We had to take off all our jewelry, and wear hair nets.  No cameras were allowed inside but it was a very good tour of their three buildings. One where they were making chocolate covered pretzels, a building where they packaged the candy, and the building where the store supplies and have a store. And yes, they gave us some chocolate at the end of the tour - and we bought a lot more:)
Weldon Solutions was our last place to visit. They make robotic automation systems. It was a  little technical for me but interesting. He kept stressing that science and math were the key for the future in jobs.

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