Thursday, August 22, 2013


Larry and I went with Mark to a Sportsman's club to go shooting .
Mark put up the flag so others would know we were down at the range.
Larry got his gun ready. He had some older ammunition he wanted to use.
I shot about 10 times. I hit the target with most of them but just not in the middle.
Mark fired a few rounds.
Larry was deadly with all his shots.

We went golfing with Tom and Barb.
Barb has her own clubs now.
On Sunday we went to church with Brian and Dorothy and then had a delicious steak meal at their home before we went to the lawn concert in Mountville.

Jerry Friday was the conductor. He was the band director at Octorara when  I was teaching.

We had Chase come back with us Sunday and stay overnight. Larry had an appointment in the morning so Chase and I played miniature golf, pickleball, and shuffleboard. It is fun having him with us.

 Thursday Larry went to York with Brady for his driving test. He passed, so now there is another Mathias on the road.
 We went to Cherry Hill Orchard a few miles down the road from Circle M where we are now parked. Peaches are in a little late this year.
They are so easy to pick. So we picked 20 pounds of peaches and 8 pounds of gala apples. ($1.00 a pound) Now I better get baking some pies.
 My plants have tomatoes! I  also have basil and oregano. The delicious foods of summer.

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