Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2002 Olympics

 We went to Park City to the Utah Olympic Park. They use this now for training year round.
 There was an interesting interactive museum about the 2002 Olympics that was here and about the history of skiing in Utah. This area gets a very dry powder snow because when conditions are perfect the dry air takes water from the Salt Lake and then when it rises to get over the mountains there is lot of snow.
 Gold, silver and bronze 2002 medals.
Holding the torch to light the cauldron.
Pins to trade.
 We took an hour tour of the area. Our guide was very interesting, she competes in luge, but never made the Olympics.
 The sled on the left is a luge sled. You lay down on your back on it, any body movement will affect its turning. The sled on the right is a skeleton sled and you lay face down on it.
 This is a bob sled.
 The luge course, during the winter it is sprayed with water 24/7 until there is 2 inches of ice.
 Looking down on the luge course.

This is were the aerial skiers learn to do there jumps, landing in the pool of water.
 The ski jumps
At the top
 The start for the aerial skiing.

 Looking up at the ski jumps
and down to the valley, a little snow capped mountain in the distance. We had quite a drive back to Salt Lake on I-80. We went from 7,000 feet to 4,000 feet in 20 miles. Whee!!

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