Thursday, May 8, 2014


We started our three week visit to Vegas at the Freightliner RV service center for the 24,000 three year service on the Phaeton.

When we got parked at Thousand Trails Larry was going to fix a fuse. The generator was running when he bent down to look in the fuse compartment. He hit is leg on the exhaust pipe and burned it. On Saturday he went to the VA hospital and had it looked at. This is what it looked like a few days later.
Thousand Trails in located on Boulder Hwy just north of Henderson, NV. This sign is close by.

On April 27 we went to Henderson's Heritage Day celebration.

There was a car show,

Mexican dancers,


food demonstrations,

and musical entertainment.

One day we went to the west side of Vegas to Red Rock Canyon.

Beautiful 13 mile scenic drive around this area.

with lots of places to stop and hike.

An ad for a shopping center was being filmed here. What  does a girl sitting on the back of a convertible in Red Rock  have to do with opening a shopping center?  I'm not quite sure.  

The weather has been hot and windy. One night the wind was really blowing our slide covers so we thought we would bring the slides in. Oh no the bedroom slide wouldn't come in!
 So Larry spent a day replacing the motor, along with a little assistance from Mobil RV.

This group is from NY and touring the US working with children in schools. This high school is close by. It was a good concert. What a great string program this school has.

Vegas was founded here because of the springs. Who knew! We spent the day at Spring Preserve, right outside of Vegas.

It has a great museum along with the state museum.

A lot of focus on water and conservation.

This was a special exhibit

These are some of the machines that  Leonardo Da Vinci drew plans for. You could operate each one. A note explained how it works and how it is used today. What a genius he was !!

Turn the handle and this spiral brings water up.

Another exhibit on the grounds was a desert home that had been designed by college students in 2013. It won 2nd place in an international solar contest.

This had been science festival week with different programs throughout Vegas each evening on different topics. This evening at the Spring Preserve was a forum about allergies. Larry has really been bothered so we listened in.

On Sunday we went  to Winchester theater, It is only a few blocks away.

I saw an ad for this performance in the newspaper. You could call for reservation and get tickets for $18.00 or bring this ad to the door on Sunday and get tickets for $15.00. We took the ad and found out it was sold out but we could put our name on a list for standby in case there were no shows.

We waited with not to much hope for our name were about 8 people down the list. At the last minute they reached our name and said go to the seats in the front row! Were we ever lucky!!

It was a great performance. They all had been in Phantom here in Vegas and after it closed started up their own group.

Bruce Ewing, Kevan Patriquin and Randal Keith all Broadway stars.

Jersey Boys

Les Miserables as Jean Valjean

Phantom of the Opera

On Wednesday before leaving Vegas area we went to Freemont Street.

We spent the afternoon at the Mob museum, which is close by.

One of the mob??

Rock strings must be big entertainment, at least for us, for this is the third time we have seen different groups perform. We have enjoyed them all. We never did the strip and only spent a little time in the Casinos eating at buffets and playing poker, but we sure enjoyed all the local free or cheap entertainment. 

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