Wednesday, October 22, 2014


 Monday we spent getting orientated to what to do while we were in Maui and relaxing by the pool. Tuesday we went to Haleakala National Park.

Since our bodies were still on EST  we went to bed early and got up at 2am to drive to the summit to see the sunrise at 6.  We left at 3 and got there a little after 5. The last half of the drive is up this steep windy road.

 There was a beautiful bright full moon. As it was setting the sun was rising.
 The sky started to brighten as the sun began to rise.
 Finally realized we were above the clouds.

 It was pretty cold this high up before sun rise.
 I had several sweaters on and my raincoat, but Larry just had a light jacket so he used the blanket from the hotel. We also took socks along for mittens. Now to figure out how to put the top down for our drive home.
 A little information.
 The time on the pictures are in EST so the time in Hawaii is always 6 hours earlier. ( 8:30)
 The Haleakala observatories at the summit offers the fourth best viewing conditions in the world.
 Silversword in flower. This plant is only found here and is becoming endangered.
 They are doing experiments on seedlings of silversword to see how drought and different elevation affects its growth.
 Is that another chukar?  the first time I saw one was in Salt Lake, now I see one at the summit.

 View of the volcanic landscape as we began our decent.
 The volcano seems to be happy right now.

 The cinder cones.
 The top down and ready to enjoy a beautiful drive back to the resort.
 Rainbow eucalyptus trees, They sure smell good as you drive past the forest of them.
 We saw this sign when we turned here about 4am and it is now it is 10am and we are hungry!
 We saw a sign to the Historic district of Makawao. We thought we might find food there so we turned off and went in search of this town. We arrived about 10:30. The first spot we found didn't start serving till 11, but they sent us to this courtyard a few blocks away. Nothing looked opened but I saw people eating at that table and asked where they had gotten their food.
 They directed us to the Market Fresh Bistro.
 We had the specials on the board and everything was delicious. I think it was the best meal I had while we were in Maui, or maybe I was just hungry!
 We went back to the resort and I took a nap. That night was the total eclipse of the moon. It stated a little after 10, so we went out to the beach and laid on the lounge chairs to watch it.
 I think he was watching and not sleeping.

 By 12:30 it was a total eclipse and known as a blood moon.  We went to bed soon after and got our bodies onto Hawaii time.

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