Thursday, October 23, 2014


 Wednesday morning we were up early again for a  tour of the road to Hana, the road goes all around the big part of Maui. Hana is on the right hand tip,
 This van picked us up at the resort at 7:00, then  we stopped for a nice continental breakfast.
 Damion was our driver and guide. He was a native and his family lived along the road to Hana. He said many of the people were his aunt or uncle. He shared much information about the  island and made it a very enjoyable trip.
 We enjoyed several beautiful stops.

 Little food stores at the side of the road. Damion said Uncle Harry was one of the first.
 There were usually two churches near each other, one Congregational and one Catholic. The Congregational were built by the first missionaries, and then when the Catholic came to the island they had them build there church close by so they could convert any of the islanders who were already Christians.
 Beautiful waterfalls
 There are 56 one lane bridges and 617 curves!
 We stopped at this farm market and did a little shopping. Pineapple banana bread and macadamia brittle.
 Black sand beach.
 I had to touch it.
 Right before noon we made it to Hana.
 Sure would have liked to have gone swimming at this beach.
 This was our stop for lunch.

 It was a florist, so we were given red ginger. It had no fragrance until you squeezed the flower in your hand. We had a good barbecue chicken lunch.
On the road again, not suppose to be so curvy, but it got narrower and more bumpy.
 The car had to stop so we could cross the bridge. When we got next to the car we were just barely able to pass it. Our driver kept telling the car to move up, I don't know how the car didn't hit the stone wall of the  bridge. Glad we weren't driving this road, Rental cars are not insured to drive part of the road to Hana.
 We were allowed to go swimming here at the Pools of Ohe'o Gulch, but no one went.
 This is the lower level of the Haleakala National Park. So we have been to the summit and to the ocean.
 This was a very pretty old church, but it is known for the cemetery behind it.

 Charles Lindbergh's grave.
One reason he was here was that Pryor's lived here. He was a pioneer aviator and vice president of Pan Am in the 1960's. He also wore a yellow hat.

These are the five graves of the monkeys that lived with them.
This monkey's name is George and we know him as Curious George!
The narrow , bumpy road goes on and on!

Maui's last lava flow.
Wind farm along this coast line with more to be built later.
It was a beautiful drive, but long and curvy. We arrived back a the resort after 12 hours on the road. I was glad to be back and didn't think I wanted to be in anything that moves for awhile.
Our last stop had been at the Tedeschi Winery where we purchased  Pineapple Blanc, Pineapple Sparkle, Maui Red wine. We also bought a pineapple, but there are very few pineapples fields in  Hawaii now.

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