Monday, September 28, 2015


 We arrived in Michigan on Wednesday. On Thursday we went to Grand Rapids for Art Prize.

 It is the world's largest art competition. with art displayed through out the city. The dots on the map show where some art can be viewed.The art can be found all over in galleries, restaurants, shops, police station, store windows, etc.. Part of the fun was finding the art. There was over 1500 works of art (we only saw about 200), You get to vote for your favorite art piece and a grand prize is $200,000
 This wooden ball was as tall as I am, and when you put your ear against it it made a humming noise.
 Theses Native American portraits were made with little squares of paint.

 You had to use a magnifying glass to see what this artist had drawn and written.
 Here he is doing it on a circle of paper. Some of the artist were around to talk with.
 This is made out of Lego's
 A chess board of wood, each piece had gears and moved.
 This sculpture was carved from the trunk of a wild black cherry tree that had blown down in 1995. It took the artist 825 hours to create it.

 This building was three stories tall and this wooden chain went from ceiling to floor several times. It was carved from one piece of wood.

 This beautiful butterfly was made from paper dots.
 There was some beautiful stain glass pieces. The lights they used behind them really showed the glass off.
It was a fun and unique trip to start our visit here in Michigan.

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