Tuesday, September 22, 2015


 The VA offers a program to veterans called MOVE. It is a weight lose program through exercise and diet.Tina was the instructor and was a great teacher. I was able to join in as Larry's support. The first week they were given a pedometer and encouraged to walk a little more each day. Larry has walked over 10,000 steps every day since. He is reading nutrition labels, realizing serving size and how many calories are in foods at restaurants A great web site is calorie king. The program ran for eight weeks and on the last day he was given a certificate congratulating him on his lose of  18 1/2 pounds and 4 inches at his waist and is motivated to lose a little more.  

Ashtyn will be one on October 1st, but we will not be here so we celebrated a little early.
 Her first piggy bank. That will take a lot of coins to fill it.

 She loved her little beach house purse with the sea critters in it. I hope this will remind her of us while we are in Florida.
 Bob's birthday was on Saturday. We met him in Downingtown for a meal at Texas Roadhouse. Larry gave him a YETI cup and he loves how it keeps his beverage cold.
 We also gave him a new paddle for his kayak.
Saturday evening we went to the Cavalcade of Band competition at Hempfield High School.  It is really amazing the performances these bands put on. Hempfield band looks and sounds great and since they were the host they were not in competition. Glad we got to see their shows this year.

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