Wednesday, October 21, 2015


 Kalamazoo has a great Air Zoo.

 Rooms and rooms of planes to look at, from the beginning of flight to the present day.
 Interactive exhibits like this infinity room. How many Dotties and Larrys are there?

 Larry found this plane with my name on it.
 Larry inspecting the contolls on the helicopter.

This plane has been recovered from Lake Michigan and the Navy asked the Air Zoo to restore it.
 Looks like a big job to me.

 Larry has always said he would have liked to have been a pilot, so here was his opportunity to take a lesson.

 Ready to take off. Larry in the front and his instructor in the back.
 He did turns, and dives and had a ball. He has a video of his flight and a certificate for 1/2 hour of flying time. It was an experience he will always remember.

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