Tuesday, February 16, 2016


 On Saturday we went into St. Petersburg to the Chihuly Museum. It was only three rooms and cost $14 a person. I was a little disappointed, because we had seen his work at the Botanical Garden in Phoenix a few years ago and we were very impressed. Same beautiful glass art but looks much better in nature. If we had never seen his work before it would have been a good introduction.
 Remember these are all large pieces made from glass. Enjoy.

Sunday was a beautiful warm day, so in the afternoon we went to Pass-a-Grille, It is the southern end of St. Pete Beach. There was no beach walking for Larry with his foot, but this was close to were we parked the car. We then had a special Valentine dinner at the Hurricane Seafood Restaurant across the street. Our table was on the second floor balcony, so we had a nice view of the Gulf. A perfect day!

Sunday, February 7, 2016


 Our driveway was cracking and needed to be made deeper to withstand the weight of the RV going over it.

 Taking out the old cement.
 A lot of hard work.
 Almost done.
 Made it 8 inches deep and put down rebar.
 Cement being poured. That set up for a month and then the day we left to come to St. Petersburg they started the decorative layer. I would loved to see how it was done but since we were not here all I have to show you is the finished driveway.
So pretty.