Friday, March 10, 2017


 March 4th we went to the Lakeside Inn at Mount Dora for Tommy's and Gloria's wedding. He is a friend of Larry's from Celebrate Recovery at our church. They are a special couple. The wedding was in the courtyard by the inn and done in English and Spanish. Most of Gloria's family lives in Venezuela, Brazil or Columbia and were not there, so they telecast it to them. Here is Tommy's and Gloria's first dance, she was a beautiful bride.
 The DJ did a great job.  He wanted to get to know the couple better, so he had them each hold one of his shoes and one of her shoes. He then asked them a series of questions,  like Who is the better kisser? Then they had to hold up the shoe they felt correctly fit the answer to the question. Of course they couldn't see each others response. It was a cute activity.

Tommy doing a dance before removing Gloria's garter.
The cutting of the cake. It was a very enjoyable wedding and we wish them years of happiness.


 We heard some ladies at church talking about the boat tour they had taken at Winter Park and how nice it was, so Lynda and I decided to go. For $14 dollars we had an hour long narrative boat tour.
 The boats go out every hour, and there wasn't just one boat but four.
 They tour three lakes and tell about all the old and new homes along the shore, and of course about Rollins College.

 The cormorants  were working together to push the fish to the shallow waters, and of course other birds  flew in for the feast.
 The Villanova women's scull team were on the lake practicing.
 The lakes are connected by canals.
It was a cloudy day with a few light showers. We made it back to dock before we got too wet. It was a very interesting tour.

Thursday, March 9, 2017


Peggy, a friend from church, had worked at Disney for many years and offered to use one of her passes to take Lynda to Animal Kingdom. Lynda and Peggy on the tram going to Animal Kingdom.
 Lynda and Peggy walking into Animal Kingdom.
 The Tree of Life, We watched the Bug's Life and saw the tree illuminated at night. There are over 300 animals carved into the tree.
 A beautiful flock of macaws flew in.
 We watched some street entertainment and saw the musical Nemo.
 We enjoyed the Safari ride in the late afternoon. We had a very informative guide and saw lots of animals. This is an interesting tree that looks like it grows upside down.
 The River of Light show had just started at Animal Kingdom this week. We weren't able to get a seat to see it but were able to watch from a bridge. I will have to go back and get a Fast pass to watch it from the bleachers.
 It had a slow start but got much better. Very pretty.
 Another day Lynda and I went to Disney Springs. We did a little shopping and lots of walking. I love the Lego shop. It is amazing what they have made from Legos, like this sea serpent. They have cards on some of the displays telling how many million legos were used and how many hours of time it took to make them.
 We celebrated Lynda's birthday a few months early by taking her to Epcot. We weren't be back in PA in time for her birthday this year. We had fast passes for Spaceship Earth and Soaring.
 It was Epcot's Flower and Garden festival.
 We walked through the butterfly house.
 Gardens were beautiful.
 Lots of cute topiaries.

 At 5:30 we went to hear Dennis DeYoung.
Larry enjoyed him enough to go and see his 6:45 show. Lynda and I walked around some more of the countries. We then ended the day with the fireworks.