Saturday, May 6, 2017


 This trailer was given to the church to help a woman who was needing a place to stay. The roof had leaked and the bedroom needed to be gutted and the floor and wall rebuilt. And of course the roof patched.
 Larry and a couple from our Sunday School class did the work.  All new flooring and back wall.
 Larry and I painted the new walling.
 I wish I had pictures of the finished bedroom. It really looked pretty and with lots of cleaning inside and out of the rest of the trailer it was very livable. The pastor slowly moved the trailer to a home that had land where they were able to park it. May the lady enjoy her new home.
 I had a little home painting project of my own. A new coat of white paint on this wall.

Can you see the line a little over the window on the left? White over white.

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