Saturday, January 5, 2019


 Our oldest grandson, Brady, flew down to go with Larry to the Citrus bowl on New Year's Day. From the shirts you can tell who was playing. Larry had gotten excellent seats right behind the team, sadly Kentucky beat Penn State 27 to 24.
 Jan 2 we drove up to Gainsville to Paynes Prairie State Park to see alligators, but the part we wanted to go to was closed because of flooding. they directed us to Sweetwater Wetlands.
 We walked around the trails. The weather has been unusually warm so it was great to be outside.
 Look behind you Brady there is an alligator.
 We did see about 10 alligators. I am sure there were more but they were well camouflaged.
 Brady had good eyes for spotting them.
 There were LOTS of birds, of all kinds.

 On Thursday we went to the Little White House in Clermont. It has a great miniature White House replica. We watched a video on how they have to flip the decor in all the rooms in a few hours on inauguration day. This replica was used in the video.
 President Brady Mathias!??

A day on the job.

 We left the White House and went to Historic Downtown Clermont. Unfortunately the houses are not open until Friday afternoon. Larry sitting on the porch of the Townsend House built in 1895.
 The Kern house built in 1883.
Brady did get to go into this Army hut used in World War II to train soldiers to use spotlights looking for aircraft. It is full of interesting items, thanks to the woman who let him have a peek.
We really enjoyed having Brady visit. It was nice having so much of the family here to visit during the holidays.

Thursday, December 27, 2018


Bob and Lynda didn't leave PA until Friday night at 9 p.m. They drove 350 miles and stopped at 3:00 a.m. at a hotel and were back on the road at 10 Saturday morning. The traffic was terrible until Georgia. They arrived at our home at 12:45 Sunday morning. Long drive, we were so glad to see them. Sunday was spent at church, a little shopping and mostly relaxing. Christmas Eve we gave Bob one of his gifts a little early. A trip to the Orlando Eye for ice cream and
a ride on the Star Flyer. I went with him and didn't scream once. Did much better the second time.
On Christmas Day there was a lot of gifts to open.
We open one by one.
Lynda and some of her gifts. She received a hand mixer, some jewelry, and gift cards. It is hard to know what to give each other as we get older.
Bob got a lot of things to help with his detailing business and a camera for his car.
My sister gave me a new Nook. Mine wasn't holding a charge and we play Words with Friends every day.  Bob gave me a Robot that cleans the floor, really neat and Larry received an Alexa. We are coming up in the technology world.
We were going  to go to Gatorland on Wednesday but when we got there the line was so long to get in we didn't stop. We came back to Clermont and went to Uncle Kenny's BBQ for ribs. Then we went to the movies. Larry and Bob saw Mule and Lynda and I watched Second Act.  Our evenings were spent playing games. Thursday morning they were on the road by 10:30.I always miss them so when they leave, but so thankful they came for a visit. I really enjoy having them come.

Friday, December 21, 2018


 Mystique, Eric, Ashtyn, Howie and Hunter arrived on Monday for a Christmas visit.  They were very tired and hungry when they arrived. They had left home very early in the morning. but unfortunately  missed  their 5 am flight. They didn't arrive at our house until 4pm. We opened presents Tuesday morning. Lots of clothes for all of the children.
 Pink unicorn hats. Howie wouldn't put hers on so mom wore it.
 Hunter is a very happy little boy.
 Howie opening her doll.
 Ashtyn got Baby Alive and Howie got Mommy Make Me Better Doll.
  Hunter helped to open a train set.

 That box was the best toy they got and was used for hour of play.
 Howie with her doll.

 Playing with the train set, at least the adults were.
 Tuesday at 5 o'clock we went to Magic Kingdom.
 A ride on the tea cups.
 And a Small, Small World.  It was fun seeing the kids so excited at seeing every thing on this ride.
 They rented a double stroller. Then at 7 o'clock Larry, Hunter and I came home and Mystique, Eric, Ashtyn, and Howie stayed for Mickey's Merry, Merry, Christmas party. The girls hung in until after the fireworks, another long day.

Larry with Hunter on the boat coming back.
 Wednesday took us to the Orlando Eye where the new ride called Star Flyer is located. We gave Eric and Mystique tickets for this ride.
 The girls and their dolls watched mom and dad fly around.
 Then Grandpa and I took a ride.
 I survived, even with a smile.
 We had ice cream afterwards and then decided to go to Sea Life Museum which is located here and very child friendly. Hunter walked around outside the courtyard before we went in.

 Each aquarium had a space in the middle for the children to go up in and look at the fish all around them. Hunter looking out.
 Even had a little play area for the children (and Mom) to climb.
 Thursday was a very rainy day. We spent it playing with toys and games. Mystique and Eric went to Disney Springs for a date night while we enjoyed our last night with the grand children.
 Thursday morning they left at 9:30 to get their rental returned and to the airport for a 2:00 flight to Baltimore. We were concerned about cancellations from the weather but it was only delayed till 3. Godiva is the only one happy to see them leave. She hid in the bedroom or out in the garage the whole time they were here. She does not like little children. I think she was glad to be in the house and not an RV for she had places to run and hide.
Bob and Lynda were to arrive today but they decided with the weather and work not to leave PA until tonight. They are driving down and should arrive  late Saturday. It is great having all the family visit us for Christmas. We will even have Brady, our grandson, come for New Years to go to the Citrus Ball with grandpa to see Penn State play. Merry Christmas to everyone.


  17 of us from the Friends and Fellowship Sunday School class gathered at Karla's and Vic's for our Christmas party on December 15. We had lots of good food. 

 We all were able to sit together out in their sunroom.
 There were lots of good desserts, even a special cake. I was just too full to eat any.
 We had each brought a white elephant gift for a gift exchange. Karla was the first to pick a gift, she got a lovely statue that had been in our house when we bought it. She tried to encourage everyone to take it when it was there turn to pick a gift.

Roger unwrapped a pink flamingo. I stole it from him, then Carol stole it from me and that ended the theft of the pink flamingo.

Since I stole the flamingo from Roger he opened another gift, this lovely hat. But since Karla was the first one to open a gift and hadn't had a change to steal one, she stole his hat and he ended up with our statue. It was a fun night with lots of laughs.