Sunday, June 17, 2018


 When we had Karla and Vic over for their Christmas present of a pizza dinner at our home they mentioned they were going to see 1776 on Sunday. I was able to get tickets. So after church on Sunday we went out for lunch at Lilly's on the Lake and then to this theatre in Clermont to see 1776.
 This gentleman started the show off with some patriotic songs.
 The story is based on the events surrounding the signing of the Declaration of Independence in hot humid Philadelphia. The actors didn't have to act much for the hot condition, there seemed to be little air conditioning in the theatre. I was hot is my dress, so they must have been sweating in their heavy clothing.

 Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and John Adams.

 John Adam had the main role. It is a musical and he had a great voice, as did all the performers.
 Ben Franklin getting John Adams to compromise. He played a great role.
After the show the actors were out front for us to congratulate them on a excellent show. It is the first time we have gone to this theatre and we look forward to seeing other shows they put on.

Thursday, May 31, 2018


 What would a picnic be without some games. First we played a bingo game to get to know each other a little better. We had invited neighbors and people from our church, so everyone didn't know each other. Eddie and Jim lent us their corn hole game. We used the empty RV port which gave us a  protective spot from rain or sun to play. Lee had a good arm.
 Leslie getting ready to make some score.
 Jenny and Lee waiting to see what Tom will do.
 Jenny, Eddie, Juanita and Janet (Jenny's sister) enjoying the meal and fellowship.
 Jacque, Danny, Dale, Jim and Noelene at the dining room table.
 Larry better watch out for Leslie, Lee and Tom are after your meal.
 Earl and I sat at the counter. We were much closer to the food that way. There was plenty of delicious food brought by everyone.We all ate inside because it was a little too hot and humid on the lanai. The weather was better than was called for with subtropical Alberto in the Gulf.  It only rained for a short while.
For some wild life excitement,two large fish with fins showing above the water swam in circles by the bank of our pond. And the alligator made an appearance.
Half the group left soon after we ate but Danny, Jacque , Leslie and Tom stayed and we played Sticks, a card game. Congratulations Leslie on your win. It was a fun day and we enjoyed having everyone come.

Saturday, May 5, 2018


 Thursday and Friday we spent the day (and night) watching films. We saw 9 movies in the two days.
 After each film's showing they ask if anyone is there to represent the film. Jana had a large representation. The film was in Spanish and had English subtitles. It was filmed in the Dominican Republic. They were not professional actors and all had full time jobs. The film told the story of how dangerous  the satanic cults are and how young people get caught up in them.
 The girl played Jana, the main character. She does not speak English.

 The last film on Thursday was God Is Not Dead 3.  David A.R. White is the minister in the films. He looks just like he does in the movie. Good film, so watch it when it comes out.
 I watched the Hepburn Girls. This was the writer and main actress in the movie. It was interesting hearing how her personal story helped her write the film. 10 years ago she had been in an accident in which someone died, and that was part of the story line.
 In Character was an interesting film about a producer making a movie and trouble getting financing and not letting others change his beliefs.

On Thursday night we sat next to this gentleman. He had been an Elvis impersonator and he had written a film called The Identical that was showing on Friday evening. We stayed on Friday to view it. We enjoyed the film. What surprised us the most was that many of the films were not all new films. This movie was made 4 years ago, and someone even mentioned they had purchased it at Family Dollar. If you see the movie I would recommend watching it. It has an interesting story and lots of good music.
We could have gone again today but we were movied out (and that is hard to do to Larry). We will look forward to going again next year.


 We need rain, the pond is getting low. The turtles sun themselves on the concrete that is usually under water. Last year it was an alligator, but we haven't seen one in our back pond.

 When my sister was here in February we went to the Orlando Eye and saw this ride being built.
 It is now almost finished. It will open in June.
It is a swing ride that takes you up 400 feet and swings you around at 40 miles an hour. Not my idea of fun.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


 Since Larry's birthday was the day before Easter I hid 70 plastic eggs through out the house.
 He did a good job of finding them. I only had to give him a few hints to find the last 4.
 Most had candy in them, a few had notes about where to find his gifts.
That was a lot of eggs, but better than 70 candles on a cake.

Saturday, March 31, 2018


 For the month of March we have had our RV listed with RVdaily. They came took pictures and put it out on eBay. Nothing happened so Larry called and they put it out on a live auction for 10 days. We had a minimal price we wanted. Didn't reach that but we did get an offer from a dealer in Alabama the last day that was more then any other dealer around here offered. We decided to cut our loss and let it go. We hated paying for it to just sit beside the house month after month and only use it for a few months in a year. They arranged a person to come pick it up and pay us cash the next day. So we worked all day and emptied  the inside and all the compartments. March 29th he drove it away.   
 Now what to do with the space and the items we took out??
We had a lot in the RV. It was our home. Now I need to sort this all out. Decide what to use here, what to store for an apartment in PA, what to put out for a yard sale and what to just give or throw away. Larry turns 70 today and we start a new chapter in our lives. We have been blessed with many great memories and now many opportunities.

Monday, March 19, 2018


 On  Saturday the United Methodist Women at Clermont Methodist church had a luncheon fashion show. The theme was It's Show Time.
 I sat at this table with friends from my Sunday school class.
 Tickets were sold for opportunity drawings.
 It was a hard decision on which basket you should put a ticket in for. Each basket was themed and there were many to chose from.
 There were also some items for a silent auction
 The money was raised to help two charities. Find, Feed and Restore is a new mission at our church. It provides temporary housing in trailers for family with children to live rent free for up to 12 months while free case management services are provided to help them get on there feet.
 The other charity started in our church years ago and now is in its own building, Faith Neighborhood Center. They currently assist an average of 4,000 individuals a month (950 families).
 The fashion show was put on by Clara Schneider who owns Em's on 5th  in Mount Dora.
 All the models were from different organization in our church.

 At the end of the afternoon I came home with this lovely hanging basket I got at the silent auction,
and an Italian basket from the Opportunity drawing. It was my lucky day, and a fun way to help support these worthwhile causes.