Monday, October 29, 2018


 Our Sunday School class decorating Karla's and Vic's fan. Our theme was M&M's. Sandy and Pat strung up M&M's.
 Doug decorated around the van with pumpkins.
 Vic and Karla putting out the hay bales and pumpkins.
 Pat, Doug and Yvonne opening up bags and bags of candy to pass out. Of course many little packages of M&M's.
 Time to rest before the kids come.
 Notice even the scarecrow has a M&M shirt on.
 The overall theme was movie time. The van next to us was popcorn.
 One group made the ark with many  of them dressed up as different animals.
 Alice in Wonderland.
 The parking lot was full of vans, all ready to give out candy.
 A lot of candy was passed out.
 There was a steady line of people for two hours.
It was to be over at 6 before it got dark, but people were still waiting in line at six to start going around. It was a fun night, lot of clever costumes, lots of candy given out, and a good time for all.


We added a table and lamp at the end of the couch.

 Our dish washer stopped working so we ordered a new one. Larry installed it.
 Loaded and ready to run. It sure is quiet.
 New valances for the sliding door in this room.
This is the forth ones I have gotten and I am still not sure about them.

Saturday, October 27, 2018


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Our neighbors have returned from their summer travels and we had a welcome back dinner last
Monday  evening Juanita, Earl, Pat, Jim and us went to Epcot for the Kenny G concert. (We all have season passes)

When he came out he played in the middle of the audience. Juanita's and Earl's seats were right by where he was playing.
We were in the back row.  Pat and Jim couldn't find seat even though we wee there an hour before the concert started. We all met up after wards at Millers Ale House for ribs.

This Friday we had a movie night. Larry, Jim H, Jim C, and Earl watched Death Wish 2018 at our house.

And the four ladies, Dottie, Eddie, Pat and Juanita went to Pat's and watch Miss You Already. An older movie recommended by Pat's daughter but not on our top 10 list. We really enjoy getting together, so glad to have everyone back.

Friday, October 19, 2018

+ 1 MORE

 On Thursday Larry and I attended Lake county's first Narcan training session. The session was geared to help community members learn effective ways to administer naloxone nasal spray to help reverse drug overdoses. Mr. Luis Garcia on the left is a retired firefighter and is going around Florida providing the training and free Narcan. He personally has used it to save 11 lives.
 Officers from Clermont and Mascotte Police departments took the training.
It was through Celebrate Recovery that we knew about the training. Be Free Lakeland and North Lake Celebrate Recovery team helped with putting on this event. Knowledge plus Hope can help fight the Opioid epidemic.

 Larry and I went to the town hall meeting.
 There were 140 in attendance. Each of the panel members shared how opioid have touched them personally and professionally.
 Mary Marcuccio is a family consultant who deals with families dealing with a loved one's substance abuse.
 Michael Graves is the Public Defender for the Fifth Judicial Circuit.
 Sheriff Peyton  Grinnell is the sheriff of Lake county since 2016 and worked in the sheriff office for over 20 years.
 Natalie is a retail pharmacist in the Leesburg area.
Representative Jennifer Sullivan serves as a member of the Florida  House of Representatives, representing the 31st District. She brought out the point how drug use is linked to a lot of the sex trafficking.
Opioid addiction can happen to anyone at any age, at any income level. It affects teens, adults, senior citizens and unborn babies. We lost 58,000 people in the Vietnam Conflict. We lost 72,000 people last year to opioid. 140 people die every day in this country from opioid.
All agreed that the government and jail is not the answer, Faith and faith based programs is where help and change is most successful.


 No longer parked in our driveway is my VW Beetle, but
 This 2018 Prius 4.
 The VW door had to be repaired twice and Larry was afraid other problems may be occurring. We had to drive into Orlando to get any work done on it. Toyota of Clermont paid our car off and gave us a good deal on the Prius.

It takes some getting use to starting it without using a key and how quiet it runs. We  sure like the large GPS screen. We had good gas mileage on the Beetle, but this will give us twice as much and with all the driving back and forth to Clermont that is great.

Saturday, October 6, 2018


 We painted the living room, dining room, kitchen wall a very pale sage. The wall had been the white inside the picture frame.
 I really like the green around this picture. Painting these tall walls means a lot of high ladder work.

Next I painted this white wall a pale peach.
 Then yesterday I decided to paint this whole wall that color. I was able to paint behind the top of the desk because I could pull it forward, but didn't get behind the bottom. The wall with the little picture is going to stay white. 
 The wall goes across and into our bedroom. so I had to paint it.
 That is the color the wall is, amazing how colors look different in shadows and light.
 Today they delivered our new sofa.
 It is a sleeper sofa. It has an air mattress and operates with a remote control.
 It really makes the room look different.
 The old sofa went into my spare room. This a room in progress. After Christmas when Mystique and the family come to visit the crib will be gone. Hunter will be one in November.
I like the sofa in here. Slowly we are rearranging the house and giving it our touch. Other walls still need to be repainted but I think I have had it for this year.


 Wednesday night Larry and I went to Mount Dora to see a play. We came in the afternoon so we could walk around the town and then have a lovely dinner at Pisces Rising. 
 Friends told us this is the theater they like the best. The shows are always well done.
 We saw a comedy, Run for your Wife.
 The guy with the white bandage was the taxi driver. He had two wives,unbeknownst to them. He followed a very tight schedule. It all came undone one night when he tried to help a little old lady being robbed by some boys. She thought he was in on it to and hit him in  the head, so he spent the night at the police station and the hospital. It was one situation after another.
 Larry and I are taking a course at Clermont called Citizen Academy. It is on Thursday night for eight weeks. We will learn all about the town's government and agencies. We had to miss the first class, because we were in  Memphis,TN at NOMADS annual meeting. Larry missed this week for he working as an angel on a Walk to Emmaus. 
The class this week learned about the Clermont Fire Company. It has a rating that only 176 other fire companies have in the world. They gave us a very informative presentation and then showed us the Rescue and Tower trucks.
 Some of the equipment they have to help in a rescue.
 The tower truck can go up 10 stories.
I got to experience being lifted up in this basket. One of the firefighters was harnessed right beside me. We went up about 2 stories and then down. I was well strapped in, and could hardly tell I was off the ground.  We can be real proud of Clermont Fire Company.