Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Saint Luke's United Methodist church in Orlando, FL has a theater arts ministries.  They put on outstanding shows.  We went on Saturday night to see Children of Eden. The singing acting and dancing was excellent. They even had aerialists.  It was a two act show the first act was about Adam and Eve and the second act about Noah.

Monday, May 27, 2019


South Lake Hospital requested our church to make these little bears for the pediatric unit. It is a service project the United Methodist Women took on. Sharon and I worked together on making these. I traced them and embroidered the faces then she sews, cuts them out and turns them. I get them back and stuff, sew close and put on the ribbons. I have six more pink ones ready to sew.

Thursday, May 23, 2019


 On Wednesday we primed the yellow hallway. Then I cut all around the frames, windows, and ceiling with Woody Rosemary.

Thursday morning I rolled it.  By the end of the day blinds were hung and curtains back up.
Left the yellow inside this picture.

The inside of this picture frame is whiten sage the same as the walls across the room.

 Looking from the living room.
Hard to tell the difference in the paint from the kitchen's to the hallway. The door way wall starts the hallway's paint. It is just a little more green than the kitchen's.

 Since I had the  whiten sage paint out to paint inside the picture I painted the wall behind the TV.
 Saturday we purchased this entertainment unit from a person who had advertised it on Greg's list.
 This project is now finished.
 The cut glass I had stored in the garage looks nice up on my cabinets.

Monday, May 20, 2019


 I couldn't decide after the counter was in what color to paint the walls.
 The yellow goes from the front door down the hall on the right side and into the kitchen.
 Finally made a decision, but first the walls had to be primed. Larry gave a helping hand.
 The kitchen is now painted granite dust.
 An all day project.
The color goes well with the light sage wall from the dining room/living room.  Wednesday we will paint the hall a Woody Rosemary. It is just a little darker then the light sage.

Friday, May 17, 2019


 We went to the beautiful new Health and Wellness Center in Winter Park on Thursday to hear Marc Middleton speak on Growing Bolder  and the Era of Longevity. His presentation was very interesting and motivational. Life does not end at retirement. Many of us will live into our 90's and 100's. Don't sit around and do nothing and say you are old. MOVE. Do what you love, learn, be social, have a purpose. Some of the people who he told about were almost 100 and breaking records in the Senior Olympic games. They weren't all athletes, but people who said I can do that and did. 
I bought his book, and hope it as good a read as he was a speaker.

Friday, May 10, 2019


 Today we took the refrigerator out
 and moved it into the garage.
 The new refrigerator being delivered.
 A little problem getting it into the house. It fit once we took the front door off.
 My new refrigerator.
Full. Now I can buy a watermelon.

Sunday, May 5, 2019


Friday we went to the International Christian Film and Music Festival in Orlando. It was the third year we have gone. We watched three feature films and two short films. They were all very good.

The gentleman holding the sign wrote and produced the film entitled Right Before you Eyes. The story is based on his life. He was a down and out alcoholic, homeless, and has an autistic son. He found recovery at the Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg.  In the movie he told his story on a train ride (old Colebrook train) to a man. He was on the way to see his autistic son after being at the mission. The ending was very well done. In the credit Myerstown, PA  was listed.
The man he is talking to wanted to be his distributor of the movie. If you ever see it at the theater go to it.

 He and his wife live in Lebanon,PA with his son (the blurry right image).
We also so a film called  The Order of Rights about a young man trying to stop his girl friend from having an abortion. Interesting arguments. The last feature film we watched was Faith, Hope and Love which was a little lighter and remind me of a Hallmark film. It was a bout a father who had lost his wife three years ago and his daughter matches him up with her dance teacher. It was a nice day of entertainment.
 Saturday afternoon we went to Tavares Civic Center to a free electric violin concert by Jared.
 He played music for Cirque du Soleil in New York for 12 years. Then Trans-Siberian Orchestra with this electric violin. He has toured all over the world.
He was excellent and I would recommend listening to his music.