Sunday, January 14, 2018


 We have spent the week working at Islamorada in the Keys. so we decided to learn more about the coral reefs.
 We took a nice ranger guided tour.  We had walked by this tree and never saw the tree snail until the ranger spotted it.
 The hammock is in shock from the hurricane.  All of the leaves were stripped from the trees during the storm and many of the branches got broken. The state park does not cleanup after the storm and lets the branches decay to form soil. 
 The red bark tree is the gumbo limbo tree, the wood is very soft. The tree on the left is ironwood and very dense and hard.
 This is poisonwood, if you touch the leaves or sap in a few days you have a rash worse then poison ivy.
the leaves of the poisonwood.
 Henry Flagler started constructed the Overseas railroad in 1905. He quarried the coral from here to form the bed of the railroad.
 He dynamited the coral, forming these lines.
 In the Windley quarry blocks were cut off to be used on buildings.
 Large blocks of coral that were cut. Larry is walking on coral. Billions of years ago this land was covered with 30 feet of water. The glaciers caused the water to drop. the Keys are formed of fossilized coral.
 Walking on all kinds of fossilized coral.
 The walls of the quarries
 We saw a large iguana in the tree.

 The coral used on the educational building.
 We then drove 30 miles down the Keys, passing a lot of damage from the hurricane. We stopped at the Sunset Grille to watch the sunset.
 It was too cool to eat outside, about 60, but breezy.
 Clouds covered the sunset.
We had a good meal,  a tall drink, and watched the Eagle game. It was a very enjoyable day.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


 Saturday evening we took a quick trip into Hollywood Studio to see their Christmas shows and fireworks before we headed north.
 It is clever how they projected the pictures onto the Tower of Terror.
Christmas Eve we had a service at church and a visit with neighbors before we took off to Philadelphia on Christmas Day. Our flight left at 10:00am and we were at my sister by 1:00 wrapping gifts we had sent to her house. It was an uneventful trip.

 We then celebrated Christmas gift opening with my son and sister. We had a great Christmas dinner and enjoyed a quick visit with them.
 Tuesday we rented a car and went to visit Mystique and her family in York. They weren't celebrating Santa arrival until Wednesday when everyone  in the house had off.
 The girls opened our presents.
 I had given Averie and Ashtyn a piggy bank for their 1st birthdays, so I gave Alivia one for Christmas.
 Averie liked playing in the box.
 We gave Mystique hedgehog mittens, she is an animal lover. With temperatures in the teens mittens are needed.
 Other then celebrating Christmas with the family we went to PA to meet our new grandson, Hunter Mathias Bush.
 He is two months old January 3.
 I let grandpa hold him for a little while.
 Eric is a proud papa. A son at last.

 His three lovely daughters. Mystique and Eric are great parents.
 It is hard to say good-bye. We even went back on  Friday for a quick visit.
 When we weren't at my sister's we stayed in Lancaster at Brian's and Dorothy's. Chase and Brady got high power flashlights from Grandpa. 

 Family picture, Coda two years older but  still full of energy.
 Two Dorothys between the guys. Larry, Chase,Brian and Brady.
 Irena and Brady got engaged this summer.
I had a bone density test, a mammogram and my hair done. We went out to dinner with Brian and Dorothy and had lunch with Mark and Danielle.We visited Larry's brother and two sisters, and spent some time at Mark's and Danielle's. It was a busy trip.
We woke up Saturday morning to two inches of snow and still snowing.  We left at 6:30 so we could get the rental back  near Philadelphia by 9. Glad Larry was driving, it has been awhile since we have been in snow. It sure looked pretty. We made it to the car rental just in time.
 We spent until January 2 at my sister's. I would have gone into Philadelphia on New Years day to see the Mummers parade but it was too cold! I watched it on TV. I miss seeing it each year.
We left Philadelphia at 6:30pm  and arrived back at Orlando at 9. We were ready for some warm sunny weather but it has been almost freezing and rainy here the last two days. But then it is winter.

Saturday, December 23, 2017


I sent out a few cards but I want to wish everyone who reads my blog a Merry Christmas. This homemade card was sent to me years ago by my friend Kathy who passed away unexpectedly last December. Not only did she make her own cards she also wrote an original poem to go with it. In honor and memory of her it is my card to all of you.

May the light that is Jesus Christ shine in your heart and give you comfort.
May His presence brighten your life and bring you Joy.
May our faith in God illuminate the world and lead us towards peace.

Merry Christmas


 On Wednesday we went over to Crystal Rivers to check into NOMADS projects that have been scheduled there. Since we were close to the Gulf, and it was a nice warm day we went to the beach.
 It was amazing watching this flock of birds sweeping and swooping over the water.

 Then they landed on the beach.
 There sure was a lot of them.
 At first I thought they were gulls but I think they are oyster catchers.
 Then we were entertained with a wind surfer. He sure could fly through the water. I didn't go in the water, for it was a little breezy and cool. There were children playing in it and they didn't act as if it was cold.
 We stayed to watch the sunset.
 On the way home we watched the light show at the Citrus Tower.
The lights dance to the music. I love the lights of Christmas.

Monday, December 11, 2017


 I have been doing a 25 days of gifts this year for Larry and the granddaughters. Last year I did 25 books for the girls. This year I tried to do craft and school items - crayons, coloring books, paper, scissors, paints, stickers,etc. I had to have all theirs ready the middle of November to mail. Then I decided to do it for Larry since we will be flying to Philadelphia on Christmas Day and having to  open our gifts here before we leave. Each morning he gets a gift to open. Some are stocking type and others are bigger gifts.
 One was tickets to see this play on Friday night. It was at the Davenport theater which we have never gone to before.  It was a cute show, they all had good voices and played their roles well. It was a nice enjoyable evening.
 Saturday night we had a Christmas dinner for our Sunday School class at Vic and Karla's lovely home.
 Of course a gift swap is always a fun time. Roger had to open a lot of gifts, for his kept getting stolen.
 Our class has about 15 members, but not everyone was able to come.
 Karla gave Roger the last gift to be opened. A nice big picture. I wonder who will get it next year? !

 My gift to everyone was Grinch pills. Hopefully when eating one or two of my molasses cookies  they will take the Grinch right out of them.
 Sunday was a very full day starting with church at 8. Then Sunday school where we watched an interesting video about Harod, the king when Jesus was born. At noon we had a Celebrate Recover Leadership luncheon which I had volunteered to make the food.  I  had made a creamy turkey rice soup and  vegetable soup, which was great since it was our first cold day with temperatures in the low 40's.  I made this cake which I  learned how to from face book.
 You divided white cake mix into thirds and added food coloring to two of them It turned out OK , but I would like to try it again and I'm sure it would turn out  better next time.
Sunday ended with a beautiful concert by the choir at our church.  It was a full weekend of lots of Christmas celebration.
 On Tuesday the library in Clermont has had performances from 4 to 6. We went last Tuesday for this guitar concert. She gave away a guitar at the end of the show. It was her 49th guitar to give away.
 This Tuesday was a beautiful harp concert by Victoria Lynn Schultz.
 I  hope this video works so you can enjoy a bit of her music.
 My Christmas cactus are in bloom.
My peace lily has flowers this year. My prayer for all of  you is to know the peace that Christ offers to us all and to enjoy the beauty of the season. Merry Christmas