Tuesday, November 14, 2017


I enjoy going to plays at community theaters. We saw the Odd Couple at Winter Garden, a female version. Then we went to Haines City and saw Joyous Ringers, a funny, rather sexy show. But the best play we have seen for awhile was at East Ridge High School. Seussical the Musical. Great acting, singing dancing, costumes.An enjoyable evening we were glad we went with our neighbors. We have found high school plays to be the best. East ridge is putting on Annie in January and I would recommend going.


 When we were working at the African Inland Mission they were remodeling one of the homes. They were going to throw these cabinets away so we brought them home for the garage. Of course they didn't just fit in the space he had planed for them, so Larry had to do some modification.
 He filled the shelves as he built it to make sure everything fit in. The doors were hung when we realized it would be easier to paint them when they were off. So he took them down, removed all the hinges and knobs and we painted them.
 the doors painted and hung back up, even a little shelf above the door for the hedge trimmer.
Knobs on, shelves filled and garage more organized. Now if we get the roof to stop leaking we could rebuild the cabinet on the other side of the garage.

Saturday, November 4, 2017


 The Saturday before Halloween the First UMC of Clermont had their Trunk or Treat. The town had activities for the children all day with a parade ending at our church at 6. It rained on and off for our trunk or treat but the heavy rain came later in the evening. Our Sunday School class' theme was crayons. I was a purple crayon and Larry was red.
 Members of our class. Vic, the green crayon, made the signs for the trunk.
 Dale and Nolene, she made the shirts. We had donated from a pizza parlor 250 little packs of crayons, the kids loved them. We also gave away tons of candy.

 Pastor Dawn and her little boy. C is for cookie, candy and Celebrate Recovery.
 They also had another trunk.
 Tommy, one of our CR leaders had music playing and is full of life.
This is just one row of our parking lot lined up with trunks. I wish I had taken a picture when the children were going around. They think we had about 5,000 children. Lots of fun for them and for us.

Friday, October 13, 2017


 Larry made stronger support boards for the door and we were able to put it back together.

 Larry took his cabinet apart and then worked on scraping off the wet dry wall on the ceiling in the garage.
 We needed to make the hole a little bigger, so we snapped a line
 and Larry cut more drywall out,  so we got rid of any moldy drywall and  insulation. Before we repair it we have to fix the leak.
 Larry then climbed up on the roof and filled in the valley where the two roofs meet, where the water is coming in.

 Then we cut down the two evergreen trees in the front of the house that have been dying.
 Looks a little different with the trees gone. Now we have to decide what to plant in their place.
 Larry's new toy. A Dewalt  22 inch battery hedge trimmer.

A lot of our plants needed trimming, They grow quite well here in Florida.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


 At our rental where our tenants park their cars more stone was needed. It was very muddy when it rained.
 Stones were put down before we left. We also had the trailer they had parked on the property removed,  Between the two apartments there are often 6 cars and even a boat.
 We went to  Amana Iowa for the Nomads annual meeting. We left Amana early Friday morning, September 22, headed back to Florida.
 In every state we saw fleets of bucket trucks coming back from being in areas hit by Hurricane Irma. I think we saw at least 1000 trucks in our three days of travel. I know the people were very grateful that they came and helped remove the trees and restore the power.
 On Sunday morning we were on the road good and early so we went through Atlanta at 7 o'clock.
 Many of the billboards on I-75 had their signs blown off. I didn't realize those signs were made out of material.
 We were back at our home in Florida Sunday afternoon.  Our step motor had stopped working to the RV when we left for Amana. Larry had tied it up and we climbed in and out. Monday the new motor came and Larry installed it. Trying to unload the RV climbing in and out was pretty hard, glad to have steps again.
 We had friends checking on our house before and after the storm, so we knew we had a little damage but nothing severe. A door on the side of our RV port broke.

 This table doesn't have a leg to stand on. Our biggest problem is the umbrella is in a metal stand and we can't get it out.  It is what probably kept the table from blowing away.  The other furniture friends had put in our garage, but this was too heavy to move.
 The downspout had blown up the roof, so during the storm the water didn't go into the next gutter and the rain filled the valley,
 As Larry was putting his tools away in the cabinet he noticed the top was sagging and cracked
and then  he saw the water mark on the garage ceiling, So we have a little repairing to do but nothing major.
Just working outside for a few hours I am soaked and glad to come into air conditioning and get a drink of water. I can't imagine what it was like here when the power was off for a few days, or what it must be like in Puerto Rico right now without electricity or even water. We need to keep them in our prayers and send help.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Before leaving Gettysburg Farms Campground we went over to Mystique's and did some shooting practice at the farm. I did shoot the guns ( not just pictures,) but I have no pictures of me shooting the gun. Both Eric and Mystique work at the York prison so they must qualify each year.
 Getting the guns ready.
 Mystique shooting while Larry and Eric watch the target for her accuracy.
 Larry dead center. After shooting we all went out for a nice adult dinner (no children) to celebrate the selling of Mystique's house in York. We really had a good visit.
 On Thursday, August 24, we moved back to Circle M campground. We then drove to Longwood Gardens to meet my sister for dinner and to see the spectacular  new fountain display. Sorry no pictures of these magnificent fountains. They are state of the art. They reminded me of Old Faithful, Niagara Falls, and the River Water show at Animal Kingdom in Disney all rolled into one. If you are ever near Philadelphia, PA Longwood Gardens is a must visit.

Saturday we went to a soccer game for Danielle's daughter (#24) We then went to Mark's and Danielle's for a cookout. It was a beautiful day so we stopped and played 18 holes of pitch and putt at Evergreen on the way home.

As we were playing the game three hot air balloons were in the sky. The other two landed before I got my camera but this one kept going.
We were able to follow it on the way home and we heard on the news that night it had to make an unusual landing in someones yard.
On Tuesday  Mystique, her mom and grandmother and I canned 4 baskets of tomatoes. that was a lot of tomatoes, The next day we met Mystique, Eric and the girls at Babies R and bought them another car seat for the baby that is due in November.  We then went to Friendly's for the girl's birthday celebration. Averie will be one September 13.
A dolly that has Averie embroidered on the dress.
Ashtyn will be 3 October 22.
Grandpa got her a little handbag.
She knew just how to carry it.
Averie got a piggy bank.
A book and then ice cream.

Ashtyn made friends with a little girl as she was leaving.
This woman enjoyed the girls and the party so much she had them come over and gave them $20.00. A random act of kindness.
On a sadder note. Mark's youngest daughter was killed in a car accident.  Mark has not had any contact with his girls for over 15 years, so we missed seeing her grow into this beautiful young lady.
We appreciate the kindness of the family towards us at the funeral and ask if you will keep them all in your prayers.

 September 5 we went over to Mystique's for a surprise baby shower. As we were crossing the Susquehanna River on route 30 the storm hit. Wind, buckets of rain and hail. We crept across the bridge following the lights of the truck in front of us. Traffic was stopped when we got to the other side of the river from trees that had fallen on the road, and on car. A tornado was believed to damaged a building in West York and many trees and limbs are down in Lancaster. Larry said it was the worst storm he has ever driven in.
 Mystique arriving at the shower.
 We had a nice cookout, just eaten inside. And then played some fun games. It was nice being around lots of young families with little ones. Glad they have lot of support from relatives and friends.
 This was a celebration for it being a boy. Blue instead of pink.

It says I just did 9 months on the inside. How appropriate with them working at the prison. The little boy is due November 3rd.
 We met Bob and Lynda at Appleby's in Kenneth Square to celebrate his 39th birthday. We had dinner here when we went to see Longwood Garden. Our service that day was very slow, even trying to pay the bill was very slow. Larry complained to the manager about it and he followed us to the parking lot and told us to return and have two complimentary dinners. Not only did he give us 2 dinners he comped the whole table, with appetizer, drinks and desert. We were impressed.
Bob's birthday is not till Sept. 19th but we leave for Amana, Iowa on the 12th. Glad we could celebrate with everyone before we leave.