Monday, July 24, 2017


 On Saturday,  July 22, NOMADS that were in the York area gathered at the Linden Diner for lunch.
 Good food and fellowship.
Thanks to Ruthie and Mike for organizing this get together.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


 On Saturday, July 15, we gathered at Faith's for the Mathias reunion.
Three generations.
 The oldest, Lynden, Trae, Larry and Barbara.
With their spouses, Sabra and Lynden, Trae and Loretta, Larry and Dottie, Barbara and Tom.
 Their children, the cousins, Shane, Mark, Lynden,Faith, Luke and Brian.
 And their significant others.
 Their children, second cousins, talking and getting to know each other.
 They went swimming and played some games.

The weather was beautiful for sitting around and visiting.

Glad we could get together and enjoy a nice day, good food and conversation. It is good families keep in touch and get to know each other. Thanks Faith and Sarah for organizing this and having the family reunion.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


 July 6th Chase took his drivers test. Grandpa giving him  pretest instruction.
 Passing parallel parking! He passed it all and  is now a licensed driver.

 Friday we met Marie for lunch at Oregon Dairy. Sorry I forgot to take a picture. It was good seeing her and glad she is doing well. We then went to Green Dragon to do a little shopping. We hadn't been there in a few years. It was a hot day and after walking around for awhile we were ready to go home.
 Saturday we went to Washington Borough Tomato festival. Lots of good food and lines were long. Larry waiting patiently.
There was a  good band, could have done some dancing.
 Some games of chance to play by different organizations. The fire company had a unique activity, Smash a Car, three hits for $1. By the end of the night there wasn't any bumper, lights or windshield.
 On Sunday we moved to Gettysburg Farm. Mystique and Eric only lives 10 miles from here. I watched the girls on Tuesday while they went to the doctors and returned with pictures of our grandson to be born in November. Can you find Ashtyn in the picture?
 There are lots of animals here to see and pet. Many goats and they all were kid friendly, not bothered by Ashtyn petting them at all.
 Grandpa had a VA doctor appointment in Lebanon, but he made it back in time to sit with Averie.
 We like playing golf at this course.
 Larry and I played the back 9 on Monday. He had his game on and almost made a hole in one!
 Barry and Donna are here at the campground. They hadn't been golfing for a long time but had their own clubs so we payed the front 9 on Wednesday. It is a nice par 3 golf course, a good place to get back in the game.
We had a good time and it is nice visiting with them.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


 On Saturday we went to Brian's and Dorothy's for their annual July party.
 Dorothy sitting with Mark waiting for the storm to pass.
It was nice seeing Mark and Danielle and her daughter.
 Rain is over and the games began. Chase playing the Frisbee game.
 Brady looking cool in his colorful summer outfit.
 Brian getting the area for the corn hole game cleaned and set up. We left before the tournament began.
 We went to the Buck for demolition derby. Because of the rain they really had to work to get the area ready for the derby.
 We had a smashing good time, but left before the fireworks.
 On Tuesday, the 4th we went to Lynda's for the day. Lots of good food.
Lynda and Bob watching the Philadelphia celebration. It started pouring when we were getting ready to leave so we waited for it to stop. Collingsdale fireworks were not starting till 10, so we decided not to stay for them.  We saw fireworks all the way back to Lancaster off in the distance. It was a full few days of celebration.

Friday, June 30, 2017


 On Tuesday morning we went over and picked up our two granddaughters to watch them until Thursday afternoon. Averie is standing but not walking yet.
 The sofa was a great place to play for she would pull herself up and look out the window or go to the end and reach as much as she could from the counter. She is a very happy, contended baby.
 Ashtyn and I made some purple play dough. She had fun playing with it with Grandpa. She is growing up fast. She is talking clearer now, knows her colors and started counting. She just got potty trained and didn't have one accident.
We had a stroller for Averie, so we took lots of walks around the park. Ashtyn was a good hiker. Ashtyn and I went swimming one day. It was fun having the girls.
Mom and dad back from their anniversary trip to the Poconos. There will be a little boy added to the family in November. We enjoy getting to know our grandchildren.

Friday, June 23, 2017


 June 18, Sunday, we drove to Millersville,PA from Virginia. We arrived about noon and by 1 we were at Brian's for a Father's day cookout.
 Chase showed us his car. He goes for his drivers licence in a few weeks. On Monday Larry and Chase played golf at Evergreen.
 Wednesday Larry, Eric and I played 18 holes of golf at Briarwood.  Well, I only played 6 holes and was the driver of the golf cart and had fun putting at each hole.
 It was a beautiful day and a beautiful course.
 We then went over to Eric's and Mystique's for  crab.
 Ali, Mystique's friend, taught me how to open the crab. Lot of work for a little meat. Tim holding their new little girl, Sadie.
 Our grand daughter, Averie. She is nine months old. She sure has grown since we last saw her.
Our other grand  daughters, Alivia giving Ashtyn a ride in the go car. It was a nice gathering of family and friends.
Sunday we played pitch and putt at Evergreen with Larry's sister Barb and her husband before heading to the Park City Diner.
This week we also had a visit from my son, Bob.  My sister, Lynda, came and we went shopping and then I went shopping with my friend Ruthann. A full week of seeing our family and friends after being away for 9 months. It is the reason we spend the summer each year in PA.