Thursday, June 17, 2021


While we were in PA the propane tanks were delivered and filled. June 10, right after we got back the Generac generator came. We had a gasoline powered Generator but it was too hard for me to start, we had to store the gasoline and we had to be here for it to work. This new one does it all on its own. If Larry wouldn't be around or we were away it will work without us doing anything.

We had to get permission from the HOA to put it in. This is what it looks like from our neighbors driveway. We plan to put a little white fence and flowers around it.

This is what you see from the front and the back of our yard. The generator had to be installed a certain distance away from any windows or doors. Tomorrow they come to hook it all up. We will be ready if there is a hurricane, just hope there aren't any bad ones this season.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021


We have had this yucca in our yard since we purchased the house in 2015.  The ends are very sharp and hurt if you touch one. The end of March I noticed this stalk shooting out of it. Never saw it do this before.
Apparently this is not a yucca but a Century Plant and at the end of its life cycle.

The stalk grew and grew. This was how tall it was by the end of April. They grow 15 to 30 feet.
 It had little branches growing out of it. I called it a coat rack. If you look closely at the top there is a dragonfly. They loved sitting on the top of it.
When we left in the middle of May the branches had little buds on them.

When we returned June 8th the stalk looked like this. Will it bloom now?

June 12th,  this is what the ones on the bottom started to do. Is that the flower? Yes, the ones I looked up on line were more yellow and flowery.

This is June 14th and bottom half looks a little orange. A very strange and not a real beautiful plant.

 The bees really did like it a lot. As the flowers die the seeds fall to the ground and can be planted to have this occur again in about 30 years.  Pretty amazing.

Thursday, June 10, 2021


Starting  March 19,2021 I sent my sister each day a countdown email to her 75th birthday. I put in a thought or memory about her life each time - hobbies, trips, work, church, shore. She would often respond, especially if I had asked a question. She printed them and made a book. 
 On Sunday, May 30 I surprised her at church with a Special Recognition Pin from United Methodist Women for all the work she has done for women, children and youth. Over the years she has knitted 1000 baby hats and lap robes, which she donates to Crozer Hospital, She is the financial secretary for Norwood Methodist Church, the Sunday School, VBS, and Little Blessings Preschool at the church. She supports the food pantry in the town. And she has had my son living with her for the last 10 years. 

She knew that Bob, Larry and I were taking her out for dinner at Flemings on Sunday evening. We had a good meal and ended it with a  strawberry cake that Bob had gotten for her.
The next day Lynda came up to Circle M to celebrate Memorial Day. Bob, Felicia and Lucas joined us for dinner. Then I went home with Lynda and spent June 1st with her, eating out and shopping to celebrate her actual birthday.  Fun to celebrate these milestones together. 

Of course while we were in PA we went to see the grandchildren. Hunter and Averie enjoyed popsicles on a hot day.
Hunter found a unique way to play with a water balloon. 
Ashtyn ;and Averie enjoyed throwing the balloons at each other.
This had been Ashtyn's last day of kindergarten, a fun way to celebrate. 

It is always good to get together with fellow teachers from my days at Octorara. All of us are retired now and enjoying life.  Glad we keep in touch with each other.

Larry drove the RV and I followed with the Highlander for this trip. We can't tow the Highlander since it tis a hybrid. We were cleaning out everything in the garage at our rental property, so the tenants can buy the house. They have lived there for the 15 years we have owned the property. On the way back to Florida we were hit with Cicadas, what a mess they made on the front of the RV and car. The first thing we did when we arrived home on Tuesday was wash the vehicles. 

Saturday, May 15, 2021


Friday, May 14 Larry and I went to Animal Kingdom in the afternoon. The temperature was perfect.
I had read in the paper that morning that the Lion King show was now open, although the official opening date was May 15th. 

I knew they they had a 1:30 show, but we arrived a few minutes late for that one. So we got in line for the 2:30 show. Yes, facemask were still required, except for a picture. They did announce on the news Friday night that mask were not going to be required. 

Being in the front of the line got us good seats.  There was social distancing in the seating.
There was no audience participation making animal sounds. 
The floats came out, 
singing and dancing

There were no tumbling monkeys.
There was fire twirling.
But no aerialist, they just danced around each other on the ground. Even with the changes it was a good show and I am so glad to see it back.
After the show we walked through the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. It is an area we have never gone through before. Look closely and you will see the hippo's eyes.
He blew water at the birds.

We learned a lot from the rangers they had stationed at each exhibit. This is a colony of Marmots. There are nine of the them. They have jobs to do and strict social rules. The one on the rock is on guard duty. 
3 year old zebras.
Momma  gorilla and her baby. 

We enjoyed watching these Angora monkeys playing.  The next time we go we will have to do the Maharajoh Jungle Trek in Asia and see animals there.  Another good time at Animal Kingdom. 

Thursday, May 6, 2021


Well of Hope had a food drop on Friday April 30.  I went down at 8:30 to help get the food set up to be given out.  Food from the pantry was put into bags, tables and tents set up. About 9:30 this truck pulled in loaded with food.
There were boxes of eggs and boxes with milk and other food items. Larry came and helped to unload the truck.

Some of the boxes were put on a skid and moved. Some of us made an assembly line and passed the boxes to the tables.

The food tents almost ready for the cars to start coming through.
There was a long line of cars waiting since early this morning. They all got food and by noon there were only a few boxes left. Thanks to all the helping hands and this wonderful ministry.

Monday, April 26, 2021


Larry took the RV back to La Mesa on April 15th and finally they were able to get everything to work with the house batteries when it was not plugged into electric. We took it Camp Geneva in Fruitland  Park for a Celebrate Recovery Leadership Training. 
 We were able to hook into the cabin's electric. Everyone else was staying in the cabins. The cabins sleep twelve, but most had just 2 or 4 in a cabin this weekend. 

Shawn, his wife and daughter did an excellent job of training. Lot of information with fun games interspersed. 

Nice meals were served in the dining hall.
Paul and Larry going to eat.

The cabins were in the Hideaway section of the campground.

Some of the worship team from FUMC came and played each evening while we sat around the campfire and sang.
The campground has lots of fun things for kids, and young at heart adults. This was a human foosball game.
A nice pool.
Larry standing in front of the gaga.
The blob
Several of our guys tried this out. One person jumps from the tower onto the black dot, a person sitting on the red part in front is then sent flying up in the air and into the water. 
Lake to swim and play in.
Larry checking out the zip line, but it wasn't open this weekend.
Other dorms
and buildings
Larry was interested in checking them out for this is where the Walk to Emmaus will be held in October.

The gym.