Saturday, May 8, 2010

Leaving Chesapeake Bay for PA

Faye and Ken in their bright green golf cart. They took us on a fun ride all around the preserve at Chesapeake Bay TT. We enjoyed a few games of pickleball with them, and Faye and I had a few afternoon of line dancing. I'm glad we stopped in to see them.

Godiva loved being at this preserve. She really enjoyed these railroad ties - sitting on them, climbing and just exploring. She wanted out the first thing every morning and would have stayed out all day if she had her way.

We left at 7 this morning. We traveled north on 17 and then took 301. It was a nice tail wind when we left but soon turned into a gale. Between the stop lights on 301 and the wind whipping the rig around, Larry was pretty white knuckled by the time we arrived at our rental property in Mountville, PA at 1:30. Our blessings were it never rained, we didn't go through Washington D.C. and the traffic wasn't too bad around Baltimore. We are going to stay here at our property tonight and go to Hershey TT tomorrow, it is to be a little less windy. then.

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