Thursday, May 27, 2010


I'm having a lot of trouble getting my pictures posted onto my blog. I have been doing better at remembering the camera, and I have even purchased a little Kodak camera to keep in my pocket or purse. So here is my update and if I ever get my pictures to post they will appear later.

We left Circle M on Monday morning after chasing Godiva around and under motor homes for an hour. She escaped while we were cleaning the awning off over the door. Tuna fish and clanging a bowl with a spoon enticed her under our RV, then I was able to hook her collar with the awning rod. It is a good thing we love her.
I drove the car over to Hershey TT, making several stops along the way. My first stop was at the corn wagon right down the road. If you are ever at Circle M you must go to the corn wagon. It is a produce stand that sells their freshly harvested produce every morning at very reasonable prices. I got a quart of strawberries for $3.25 and three stalks of rhubarb for free(since it was picked on Saturday.) I wanted to make a rhubarb pie. While we were in the Amana Colonies in Iowa last year I had gotten Ronneburg's Old Fashion Rhubarb Pie recipe. The lady at the stand also gave me her recipe for a crumb rhubarb pie, so I want to try making it also. I think I'm in the baking mood. I just made a banana nut pineapple bread - I had to use up those bananas some way.
Larry was all parked and hooked up by the time I arrived. It is fun seeing so many people we know from Orlando. It's like one big family. We played a little pickleball with Phil, Nel and her husband. Everyone was leaving the next day or so, and it has turned very hot, thus we haven't had four people to play since.
On Tuesday we went to Roots and set up our booth selling waterless car wash products. Another place you should visit if you are up this way is Roots. It is a very large flea and farm market in Manheim only open on Tuesday. We didn't sell too much but I bought a whole lot of vegetables - I forget I have to fit them all in the refrigerator. I also purchased a geranium. There were flowers galore for sale, so tempting.

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