Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The retired teachers from Octorara School District always get together every other month at Willow Valley Restaurant. I worked at Octorara Elementary School from 1971 to 2005 when I retired. Hard to believe it has been 5 years.
Francis Cassidy was the principal when I started and Bill Bittle was the head of Elementary Education. We had 5 small elementary schools then, but all the children are now bused to the main campus on Route 41 outside of Atglen. Since I retired I hardly recognize the campus with all the building and renovation that has occured.
Doris Gable was a 5th grade teacher when I started. I've always enjoyed her. She is in her 80's and loving life. She enjoys world travel to exotic places with her daughter. A few years ago she went to Mongolia where they slept in tents.
Paul Bennethum and I started teaching together, I just after college and Paul after a career in the service. Our paths crossed recently with the Good Sam camping club at Centre Hall, PA. Unfortunately, illness has stopped his camping lately.
MaryKay, MaryAlice and Sandy are headed to Alaska next month. They will cruise and then do the inland passage. Us teachers like to travel!
Unfortunately the main topic of conversation at lunch was taking care of elderly parents and relatives. Mary Kay's mother-in-law, who is 98, fell and broke her pelvis last week. We are getting older and we are living longer. Wonder what I will be like at 98? This woman was at the restaurant celebrating her 100 birthday, so we all sang to her. She said she hopes she doesn't have many more. But she was looking good and seemed quite alert.
Doris Gable, Paul Bennethum and his wife.

Francis Cassidy, Roberta McLauglin, and Bill Bittle

Karen Homsher, Ruth Wren, Pat Dodd, MaryAlice High, Sandy McLauglin, Beth Taylor

Mary Alice High, Beth Taylor, MaryKay McCann, Karen Homsher, Ruth Wren, and Pat Dodd

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