Saturday, June 5, 2010


Our grandson Chase (9 years old) plays on the Mountville traveling team. We got to go to his game the other night. Many of his games have been cancelled, since we have had so many storms in the evening. This game just got done when the heavens broke open. He plays left field. That night when he was up to bat he had a walk (eventually scoring a run) and then he struck out twice. His dad said he is usually a hot batter.
Notice my battered face? These medical check-ups are keeping me very busy and sore. When I had my annual check-up I mentioned the spot on my nose that didn't seem to heal and kept reoccurring. My sister has had basal skin cancer on her face and arm, so I thought I better have it looked at. I was sent to a Skin Center and had the spot on my nose checked. The doctor felt it was probably basal skin cancer, so he cut it off (the spot not my nose). Having your nose numbed is quite a sensation. It may leave a little scar. Then I went for my 6 month dental cleaning and I complained about a tooth I've had problems with for a long time. From the x-ray, the bleeding when I floss and they cleaned we felt it needed a periodontist to build up the bone. At the periodontist they took more x-rays and decided my back molar needed to be extracted and then a bone graft done so later I could have an implant. This tooth had always given me problems, it had already had a root canal done many years ago. My symptoms for the root canal had been my lip went numb and unfortunately it has stayed numb ever since. The extraction was a little painful (needed some extra Novocaine)It was very infected. They used bone from a cow for the bone graft, so you will know why I may be mooing when you see me. My face has been quite swollen the last few days and now it is turning black and blue. I have the stitches out in two weeks, and then at least a year before an implant. My question is, How much will my insurance cover? At least I have some dental insurance.


This was our house in Mountville we sold to Larry's son, Brian, when we went full time RVing. Brian's wife Dorothy (yes Brian's wife is also Dorothy Mathias) has a great decorating touch. The house looks so nice inside and out. We don't miss having to cut the grass,(Brian in the pictures doing the mowing) plant the garden, and all of the other up keep. It has been over three years since they bought it and we see it as their house now not ours. It takes a little while to get to that point.

Friday, June 4, 2010


East Penn chapter of NCT loves to party. The wine and cheese party was planned for Saturday night but it got rained out. So we gathered on Sunday night. They had it all decorated for Memorial Day, even had luminaries up the walkway. We have been members of East Penn since last year, but with our travel we have only been able to be camping with them once last fall. The women have formed a little sisterhood called the hole sisters. AS new members join they initiate you into it with a wand, crown, and giving you a hole name. Because of our dri wash business them dubbed me dry hole (Larry is not real fond of my name). It is all in fun and enjoying your company. That night they finished the intuition with toilet papering the rig.


Being in this beautiful area we had to go to for a hike. We found this trail at a township park in Blakeslee. It was an easy mile hike (a little muddy from the rain last night) to a short waterfall. It was more of a rapids. It was a delightful place to sit and listen to the rushing water. Larry even enjoyed a little nap.


At the fairground is a quarter midget race track. It is fun to watch those little kids (4 years and up)racing around the track. Pocono Raceway is only a few miles away, so I guess it is in the air. It is a whole day event, with the entire family involved. The best race we saw was between two brothers. Unfortunately a cloud burst ended the races before they all had a chance to run their final race.


We had great meals all weekend. I didn't have to cook a thing. When we arrived on Friday we had delicious ham, green beans, and baked potato. Saturday was a spaghetti and meatball dinner. On Sunday we had a brunch of left over ham, eggs and fried potatoes (made from the left over baked potatoes). Then we had a complete Memorial Day picnic with hamburgers, hot dogs, and lots of different kinds of salads. We had all these meals for only $10.00 a person. Our camping was only $22 a night, since it is at the fairgrounds.


Down the road from where we were camping, in Kunkletown,PA was the Big Creek Vineyard. We always enjoy doing some wine tasting when we are in a new area. The tasting was free, but of course we bought three bottles of wine - La Brusca a sweet red table wine and Vin Di Pasqualina a rose table wine.


Larry has decided to try his hand at golf. We stopped at a Pro shop and he bought a driver and then went out to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls.


Happy Memorial Day We were in Gilbert,PA near Stroudsburg in the Poconos. We were camping with two Masonic camping groups. The Caravaners and NCT East Penn chapter.