Friday, August 20, 2010


We crossed into Idaho on Monday, Aug 16. We toured this center in Montpelier,ID.

We pretended we were traveling to Oregon in 1850. This was our wagon master and he was helping us buy and pack our wagon. We then crossed the Platte River, a rather bumpy ride. We met a woman from a wagon train up ahead and she shared some of her stories of their travel.

This area was heavily settled by the Mormons. We toured this tabernacle in Paris, ID. It was very beautiful and unfortunately we missed the organ concert by a few minutes.
(Sorry I just deleted the picture of the tabernacle)
We all ate breakfast at this truck stop. We have been here twice before and always amazed by the pancakes size. Our group didn't really believe us when we said they were the biggest pancakes we ever saw. If you can eat THREE of them they take your picture and put it on there wall of honor. Only Bill was able to finish ONE pancake. Even on the small stack the pancake was bigger then a usually size pancake.

Larry took a golf lesson and played 9 holes at Montpelier's Trail Ruts Municipal Golf Course. Lynda and I went to Soda Springs in the afternoon. Lynda's first time to see a geyser.

It is a captured geyser and on a timer to go off every hour.

A skywatch tower from 1955 to 1959 to watch for attacks to cities in the US from planes or missiles.

August 18 we camped at Massacre Rocks State park by American Falls, ID. It was a bit of a challenge to get into this spot. The road was a one way road and too narrow to back into with all the rocks, so Larry had to go to the restrooms turn the rig around and go the wrong way to get parked. It was a double site and we had a lovely view of the Snake River.

Indians attacked a wagon train here on Aug 9, 1862 killing 5 white men. 35 men pursued the Indians to recover the stolen property. When they attacked the Indian camp four more white men were killed and later a wounded woman died, bringing the total number of emigrants killed to ten.
Our view of the Snake River.

A few miles away was Register Rock where some pioneers had signed their names. It is protected by a fenced in pavilion.

Some of the signatures.

We waited to evening to take a mile and half hike out to these ruts. It was still hot, today's weather was over a 100.

On Thursday we traveled to Twin Falls. There was a lot of construction on I-84.
Our first stop in Twin Falls.

The Snake River Canyon. Evel Kneivel tried to jump across it in 1974.

We saw two elks standing up on a cliff as we went to Shoshone Falls, what a sight!

The last time we were here we hardly saw any water.

The water was low right now because they use it for irrigation, but it was still pretty impressive and a lot more then we saw before. Lynda hasn't been to Niagara Falls so she was thrilled to see Niagara Falls of the West.

there was a lake here that was a perfect swimming hole for these boys on a very hot day. Watch them jump off the rocks into the water.

Children must take a lifeguard required swimming test to go in the water.

There were lots of restaurants and stores on route 93 in Twin Falls. Lynda treated us to a very nice meal at this local restaurant. I had the trout and Lynda the steak. They had a nice small portion menu but then we stuffed ourselves with big desserts.

Larry took the RV and went on to three Island Crossing State Park while Lynda and I spent the day shopping at Magic Valley Mall in Twin Falls. We then took the scenic route on 30 past the Thousands Springs and Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument.

We arrived at Three Island Crossing about three and went to the Oregon Trail History and Education Center. Here was a very dangerous crossing of the Snake River for the wagons. The Center talks a lot about how the migration affected the Native Americans and the relationship between the settlers and Native Americans throughout the years.
I remember these wagons going through Sadsburyville on route 30 when I lived in Chester County,PA in 1975 to celebrate the Bicentennial. They went from Oregon to Valley Forge, PA.

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