Saturday, August 21, 2010


Larry got tickets for our group to go to dinner and a show in Glenns Ferry at this historic opera theatre.
Since it was Friday night we saw the play Cafe Murder, a murder mystery, who done it play.

All of the food was delicious. I had steak, baked potato (we are in Idaho) carrots, salad, bread, strawberry lemonade and ice cream and brownie for desert. Oh and they came around with shrimp during the meal.

After dinner we moved to chairs up front to see the play. This is Dorothy she played the piano all during dinner and for the play. The piano in 100 years old. I'm not sure about Dorothy.

We left Three Island Crossing State Park early Saturday morning because a cold front is scheduled to come in this afternoon with some strong winds. We had a uneventful drive with no wind at all. The road is rather hilly and curvy through the mountains. We are now in Pacific Time zone, so we gained another hour.

By noon we were at the Mountain View campground in Baker City, Oregon. I love the front of the office.

In other words the laundry.

We walked around a car show in town and then went for a guided tour of the Grand Geiser Hotel. It was built in 1889. The hotel was closed and totally destroyed for thirty years until it was restored and reopened in 1997.

Our guide in period dress was full of interesting stories of the restoring of this hotel. This is the cellar where we could see the tuff stone that was used to build the hotel.

The beautiful stained glass ceiling, chandeliers, and metal railing. Only the metal railing is from the original hotel.

Carved hinges on many of the doors.

During the turn of the century the clocks on the copula of the hotel were shot at by drunk cowboys, so they were replaced with these lion heads. See the bullet hole in this one, at least they didn't have to replace it. When the restored the building the clocks were put back in.
Back at the campground after dinner Godiva ran off as Lynda was taking her out. She ran from one camper to another. One of the camper is here full time and had two outdoor cats. They had her cornered and out numbered. Larry was able to rescue her before a big cat fight. If she wasn't scared we were.

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