Sunday, August 1, 2010


On Thursday we left Lebanon TN at 3:30. We got around Nashville before the rush hour and wanted to get around St. Louis before we stopped for the night. It was about 400 miles. We got to St. Louis about midnight, taking a few rest stops along the way. We pulled into a Walmart and right in front of where we parked was a big no overnight rv or truck parking sign, so we drove on for another 100 miles. The rest stops were all full and we finally came to the Flying J in Missouri. Truck parking lot was all full but the front car/rv lot had lots of room. We are a little long to park in one space but we were able to make it work. We had gotten diesel at the Flying J in Illinois for $2.97 notice the price in Missouri, 20 cents less.
Our Friday we pulled into the KOA East Kansas City. We now have a reward card for KOA. I really thought this trailer tent was neat. If I had to tent this would be the way to go.

On Sat morning we left the KOA at 8:20 to go get Lynda from Kansas City International airport. The Tom tom said we would arrive there at 10:15 if we left then. We thought the airport was only about an hour away. Her plane was to arrive at 9:50. When we were about 20 miles from the airport I realized the Tom tom was on Eastern time not Central Time, we were an hour early. Here is her plane arriving on time.
We went to Kansas city and did some shopping at the City Market. It was quite crowded.

We had a very nice meal at this Chinese restaurant right by the City Market. The air conditioning felt good because it was quite hot out.

Lynda and I went through the Steamboat Arabia museum. Larry and I had been here five years ago and was really impressed with it. We were sad to learn that one of the brothers who had found the boat had been killed in a car accident a year ago. You get to meet the family when you are there. They are still working on preserving items from the boat, especially the thousands of boots.

Our last stop of the day was at the Verizon store and Lynda got a new phone.

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