Sunday, September 5, 2010


We got to Sacramento at rush hour so we decided to get off I-5 and take 113 to 12 and back on I-5 at Lodi. We had done this before to avoid construction on I-5 when we left from Lodi to go to Alaska. What we didn't remember was how terrible the roads were - narrow and bumpy, not a fun detour. We will stay on I-5 and traffic next time. We stayed that night at Manteca, CA at Turtle Beach Fish Camp. It is a Thousand Trail preserve. It was HOT and dusty. It was a good overnight stop, not too far off I-5 and at least we had water and electricity, but we don't want to stay here very long.
The next day we drove to exit 167 on I-5 and stayed at this very nice Wal Mart. It was a large shopping center with lots of stores besides Wal Mart. We left at 4 a.m. to get around LA on 210. There was still traffic at this time of day (or night!), but at least we didn't have the sun for awhile to head into.

There are lots of steep mountains to go over in this part of California and Arizona. The scenery is quite different- Arizona Highways.

We got diesel at the Flying J in Phoenix $2.93 a little cheaper than we saw in California or Oregon. We arrived here at West World in Scottsdale about 2 o'clock.
The temperature was 110.

We got a spot near a "tree", but it is a big parking lot. We do have 50 amps and water and it is only $22 a day. The people were very nice and we have a nice restroom to use. We are the only people here. I wonder why ? :) - with the temperature in the triple digits all the time!

This is a very busy place most of the time, just not in the summer.

Plenty of parking!

On Saturday we took a drive around the area and stopped at this Casino. We saw an ad for it on TV. Prime rib for $9.99. We were there at 1 o'clock so we had a very good buffet at the restaurant for $ 8.00. We had joined their players club so we got a little discount on the meal and $10 promo money on a card to play.

It was Larry's lucky day. He played 50 cents on a slot machine and hit for $180. We lost the rest of the $10 that they had given us and left. So the only money we spent was the $20 for our meals and came away $180 richer- amazing!

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