Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We went to Page, AZ and spent 3 days. We went to the North rim of the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell and Antelope Valley. I have great pictures but I'm having trouble getting them posted. I will try later. On Sunday we drove to Monument Valley in Utah. This is Navajo land and you have to take a tour with a guide. The only RV park is the Goulding's.

The Goulding's had a trading post here and then brought Hollywood to the valley to make many of the western movies.

Some of the movies filmed in Monument Valley.

John Wayne's characters home from the movie She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. We watched this movie in their theatre one evening and it was fun seeing the buildings and the valley in the film .

We took a three hour sunset tour of Monument Valley. Our first stop was at this hogan, a Navajo home.

It was a very bumpy 3 hour ride in the back of this truck - all dirt paths!

Sammy was our guide. This is his weekend job, he teaches preschool during the week. Larrry enjoyed talking with him about life on the Navajo reservation.

Beautiful scenery, especially at sunset.

The mitten.

The three sisters or W for welcome to Monument Valley.

Indiana Jones movie was filmed here. He dropped down out of this opening.

Totem poles at sunset.

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