Thursday, October 7, 2010


Another beautiful morning at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. I have not seen so many sunrises since I retired. The weather has been unusually warm for the balloon fiesta, high 50's in the morning. The temperature is usually in the low 40's.
Love seeing these shapes go up and fly away.

There were many mounted police throughout the park. Here they are keeping the field clear so the balloons could play a game of Texas Hold'em.

Balloons flying low to drop a beanbag on a target, or one of the playing card to get a high score.

The Sandia Casino was a few miles away, so we went one afternoon for their lunch buffet. When you join their players club you get $20 dollars of their money to play on the slots. I won $11, so at least it paid for lunch.

Since Tuesday we have been part of the chase crew for Peggy Watson-Meinke. We really have enjoyed it. Gary, her husband and crew chief really made us feel useful and treated us so kindly. Thanks to them this has been a terrific experience.
Larry holding the throat of the balloon while a fan fills it with cool air.Looking up inside the balloon as it inflates.
It is ready to fly.

Looking up inside the balloon.

Up, up and away.

After a nice flight the balloon is ready to land.

We all got together back at the park for a tailgate party.

Peggy and Gary in front of their trailer.

She is from Camarillo, California. Here is her phone number if you ever want to go for a ride.

Larry got to go up in a balloon on Wednesday. This was Larry's first time in a balloon. He was going to go up with Peggy but another balloonist wanted a picture of his balloon and so a photoghapher went with Peggy and Larry flew with their friend Kurt Adelsberger.
This is were they landed, notice there were three rows of barb wire on the fence. It took some work so the balloon didn't get caught on the fence.

All packed up and in the chase vehicle. I wasn't there because I was with Peggy's chase crew.
Kurt telling his first time flight passengers about the tradition of champagne and ballooning.

Picking up their class of champagne with their mouth and then they were "baptized" with water.

The tailgate party. One of their chase crew brings his RV and we even had fresh made breakfast burritos.

Larry with his flight certificate.

I got to go up with Peggy on Thursday. This was really neat because it was special shape day, and I got great views of them.
This is the second time I have been up in a balloon. My sister, Lynda, and I went up at Quakertown, PA balloon festival for her 50th birthday.
Can you see the case vehicle on the field. ( look on the bottom left)

Up pretty high now.

What a view. See the Rio Grand River? Now we had to find a good place to land.
The yard we landed in at Rio Rancho. The neighbors were all friendly and helpful.
This dog was only 10 months old and not quite sure what to make of it all. Once we had landed her owner brought her over to us, so she would learn and not be afraid. She licked us but wasn't sure about that basket.

Our chase cars finally located us and we had a little work to do- carrying the basket to the trailer and folding up the balloon over all the sage brush. We appreciated the neighbors help.
Flying in the balloon was a great experience and glad I had such a wonderful opportunity.

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