Sunday, November 14, 2010


We left View Point at 5 o'clock on November 11 to move to Palm Springs, CA. We left this early to avoid the morning traffic through Phoenix on route 10. When we hooked up the car to the RV (in the dark) we found we didn't have any tail lights on the car. Camping World had installed a wire on our hitch system when we had arrived a month ago and we hadn't hooked up the car to the RV since, so we thought it was something to do with that. We decide to leave, hoping that the lights on the back of the RV would give enough warning when turning or braking. (We had the hazard lights on the coach as we were hooking up and they were working fine) We got to the other side of Phoenix without too much traffic and right before the first rest stop a truck blew his horn at us like a SOS Morse code signal. Larry was going to stop at the rest stop and check the light system out anyway, but to our amazement when we stopped we didn't have any rear lighting on the car or RV! Larry checked the fuses and we had blown three of them - the rear brake lights and the turn signals. He installed new fuses and all the lights worked on the car and RV. Boy were we lucky we didn't have an accident.
We had Santa Anna winds hitting us on the side all the way to Palm Springs, so driving was a little bit of a challenge.
Here at Thousand Trails at Palm Springs.

Larry went out on Friday and played golf at Palm Royal with the group from Thousand Trails.
After he told them he was just learning and wasn't very good he had an excellent game, they were sure they were being conned.

There are several road runners in the park. They seem quite friendly and don't take off and hide like the ones I've seen before. I actually was able to go in and get my camera and take the picture of this one before he was scared off by a car coming along the street.

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